What To Do If Computer Doesn’t Recognize Your Printer

As with any piece of technology, there are lots of things that can potentially go wrong when connecting your printer to your computer.

One of the most common issues involves the PC or laptop failing to recognize the printer, or lacking something that the printer needs in order to run.

If you are having this sort of issue, here are a few things to think about and try which may fix the problem for you.

1.Checking the basics

printer doesn't connecting computer

Check the basics may sound obvious, but checking the power supply and the USB connection between printer and computer may be the solution to your problem.

Make sure printer and computer are switched on at the wall and make sure all cable connections are secure. A cable may have come loose since you last used the printer.

2.visiting manufacturer website

Go to the printer manufacturer’s website if you need help connecting your printer to your computer, your first port of call should always be the printer manufacturer’s website.

Here, you should be able to find support for common printer issues, and you may be able to get some useful help and advice to solve your problem.

3.changing the USB Port or cable

changing the USB Port or cable

Switch USB ports or cables some cases, it is a fault with a USB port or cable that is to blame for computers not recognizing printers, so try more than one combination to see if it makes any difference.

4.Updating drivers

Drivers and software your printer may not work correctly if its software and drivers are not up to date. This is a common problem when connecting older printers to new computers with new operating systems.

5.Choosing The Printer size in printer setting.

Choosing The Printer size in printer setting

You may need to uninstall old software and drivers and install them again.Printer settings sound unlikely, but something as simple as selecting a printer paper size that doesn’t match the size set in the printer’s settings may cause your computer to fail to recognize the printer at all.


If you have a new computer with a new operating system (i.e. Windows 7), there is a chance that an old printer may not be compatible with it. You can try downloading drivers or patches to address the issue, but if these don’t work the next best option is to buy a new printer.

What To Do If Computer Doesn’t Recognize Your Printer
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