Water Purifier Buying Guide India


You will agree with me when I say choosing best and right water purifier for your home or office is not an easy task to do. You have to select your water purifier very carefully.

Today we are going to list out step by step guide help you, how to select best water purifier in India.

There is various small and very important point you have to consider before buying purifier in India.

2.Source of Water

water purifier buying guide india

The first point you have to think is what is the quality of your water??

In Country like India, we have hundreds of water sources. In India, we got water through bore well, municipality supply, river.

Water comes in various categories like Hard water, underground water like bore well, supplied in tankers, soft water usually comes from the river, lakes, rain or supplied by the municipality.

Water purifier selection also depends on the quality or source of your water.

If your water sources are hard then, You have to select other types of water purifier.

3.Pollution level

water purifier buying guide india

After considering the source of water you have to consider the bacteria or pollution level of.yoir water. Whether water has high bacteria level or low bacteria level.

Pollution level of your water also plays a critical role while choosing perfect purifier for your home or office.

If your water is much polluted then you need to buy RO WATER PURIFIER. because of lots of impurities and TDs, you need water purifier equipped with RO Technology.

4.City Where You Live

water purifier buying guide

Basically, a metro city like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Kolkata have water supplied by the municipal corporation.

Corporation water is considered as safe from arsenic and poisonous chemical. But you have to sure about bacteria and virus contamination.

If You just need to be safe from bacteria and virus then go for gravity filter water purifier.

If you need and want to get water with all safety parameters then go for RO + UV water purifier which gives you all in one safety and very tasty water.

Where to buy water purifier in India?

After choosing water purifier for your needs you need to decide where you have to buy a water purifier.

There is two option in front of you. One is offline and others online.

If you want to buy offline.then you can visit your nearest market.

If you want to buy water purifier online the. You can buy Quality and every type of water purifier from Amazon India or from Flipkart.

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It is always better to go for all in one water purifier which gives your water all types of protection. RO+ UV water purifier protects your water from bacteria, harmful chemicals, and all others chemical hardness.

That’s all about water purifier friends. If you have any questions or any suggestions or anything to say then always feel free to ask below via comment section.

Water Purifier Buying Guide India
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