Smartphone Buying Guide India-( A to Z Guide)

smartphone buying guide in india

Indian Market has been flooded with various smartphones making it difficult for the customers to pick one. When you open any e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart you can find several smartphones offered by various brands at different price ranges. With all this confusion many people out there end up with smartphone that won’t satisfy their needs or with some other device that is overpriced. In this war of smartphones, picking the right device completely depends upon the intelligence of the user. Any customer who is planning to buy a phone must have clear idea of what they want and must search for those type of devices only. Here are some of the tips that will help you if you are planning to buy a smartphone.

Operating System Platforms

android vs others

Now, in the present day scenario smartphones are running on two great platforms. One is iOS and the other is Android. Both platforms are completely different. iOs the pioneer of smartphones offering the ultimate iPhone, but it is very costly and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Then there is Android powered by Google. There are many brands that offer devices running on Android Platform. The devices come in all prices and sizes. There is the flexibility for users to pick any model and any brand device they want. It is cost efficient and powered by many amazing features.

There are other platforms like Blackberry Os, Firefox but they aren’t even close for iOs or Android platform. But Blackberry OS is a reliable platform.

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Budget For The Smartphone


Now think about your budget. Generally the smartphones are classified into three categories based on their pricing

  • Low Range (4000-10000)
  • Mid Range (10000-20000)
  • High Range (more than 20000)

As stated earlier, you can find devices that are as costly as iPhone and  devices in the price range of 4000 too on Android Platform. Although the devices with low price may lack quality, it is undeniable that availing a smartphone with 4000INR is an achievement itself. So some compromises must be made.

The mid-range devices offer good features. The devices that come under this category are the ones that are mostly sold in the market.

The high-range devices mostly offer all the features but it is known fact that no device comprises all the features that the customer is in search for. Every device will at least lack in one or the other field. So there may be some small errors which can be neglected.

Processor of the Smartphone

A processor is the heart of a smartphone. There are four processor brands that are ruling the smartphone market now-a-days.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon-costly but offers high end performance and are battery efficient
  • Mediatek-cost effective but is of low quality and drains the battery too fast
  • Apple-one of the best processor present in the market but they can only be seen in iPhones
  • Exynos Processor-they are manufactured by Samsung and of course they are of good quality
  • Nvidia Processor-cost effective and are best choice for gamers.

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Graphic of the Smartphone(GPU)

GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit which reduces the work load on CPU by handling all the graphics related works. Some popular GPUs adapted by smartphones are Adreno 540, Apple A10 Fusion, Mali-G71 MP20 and Nvidia Tegra X1.

Battery Life of the Phone

Most of the Smartphone user’s main issue is battery. No matter how much money you spend on the smartphone’s battery is a huge disappointment.  So pick a smartphone with at least 2300 mAh (excluding iPhones). Now-a-days smartphones are coming with bigger batteries but be careful before going for them as they are creating a lot of fuss in recent times.

Hardware of the mobile

Now-a-days most of the phones are coming with unimetal body, so hardware isn’t a big issue. But be careful with these metal body phones as they are highly prone to dents and scratches.

Memory and Storage

Always look for at least 2GB or RAM in Android devices. Internal memory must be at least 16GB depending upon your usage.

Network Connectivity

mobile connectivity

With the entry of Jio into the market, the popularity for 4G smartphones has been increased rapidly. Choose the device that supports the latest carrier band.

Service Centers Available

It is important to know the after purchase service offered by the brand. Make sure that there is a service center for the brand that you are planning to buy.

Latest or a little bit old-Follow the Trend

No one can estimate the success ratio of a newly launched smartphone.  IF you want to carry a latest smartphone and enjoy the latest updates then you can go with the freshly launched smartphone. But if you are from those category who want to get the device that already gained lot of popularity and good name in the market then you can go for a little bit older model.

Where to Buy? Online vs Retail Store

This is the biggest issue while buying a smartphone. But it is recommended to buy a smartphone online in the trusted websites as you can get the phone with excellent offers and at cheap rates.

Brand of the Smartphone

It is important to pick the best brand smartphone. If you are a fan of any smartphone brand then go for it or if you want to try new ones, search for the best one according to the all factors above mentioned and pick the best one.

So this is the guide that will help you while purchasing a smartphone. Smartphones have become integral part of our life so it is important to choose the right one . Hope this guide will make it easier to select the best smartphone.

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Smartphone Buying Guide India-( A to Z Guide)
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