Things to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator in India

We can’t ignore the fact that there are various important things which you must consider before buying a refrigerator in India.

You may be aware of some factor or not aware of. But you can’t ignore that fact and buy the refrigerator which looks good.

Today we will discuss some key points must consider before going to buy a fridge.

Things to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator in India

The refrigerator contains various numbers of the compartment that are specially designed in a way that you can store vegetable, fruits, food, medicine and various types of other product.

The refrigerator is insulated thermally and hence it maintains a certain temperature to keep food and fruits Fresh.

1.Which types of refrigerator you want?

5 things to consider before buying refrigerator

1.Direct cool or frost free?

Mainly refrigerator has 2 types as per cooling method.

It comes as either direct cool method or frost free method of cooling the products.

2.Direct cool refrigerator

You may be wondering what the hell direct cool refrigerator mean?

Basically direct cool is the cooling method where fans are not used to cool, unlike forest free refrigerator.

The direct cool refrigerator is very basic level refrigerator.

Recently new and advanced direct cool refrigerator have been equipped with digital automatic defrost Technology.

There are various benefits of direct cool refrigerator below.

It cools with natural convention process

These are very basic so it is very much energy efficient refrigerator.

3.Frost free refrigerator

Almost all the refrigerator these days are Frost free refrigerator except few basic.
So you may not be familiar about the direct cool refrigerator.

Everyone use Frost free refrigerator these days.

Basically, frost free refrigerator consists of the electric fan which helps in circulating cool air inside the fridge.

Electronics fan controls the air and prevents from formation I’ve and fully control the cooling tempera of the fridge compartment.

Further frost free refrigerator has two variant one is single door refrigerator and others are double door refrigerator.

2.Which one should you buy?

It totally depends upon you. But in my point of view always go for the froast free refrigerator.

Frost free is a modern refrigerator. But there may be a case where you are living alone or single and you don’t want to spend more than direct cool refrigerator will be better options.

3.five important things to consider before buying refrigerator

1.Capacity of the refrigerator

Capacity is the main part of any fridge.
Always choose the capacity as per your need.

And definitely, your need depends upon your family member and your family size.

If your family size is large or anywhere between 5-10 people then you must go for refrigerator having capacity of 190-210 liters.

If your family size is small or anywhere between 3-5 people then 150-160 liters is enough.

2.Dimension of the refrigerator

Size or dimension depends upon the area you have. If you don’t have enough space for setting up refrigerator then you can go for single door refrigerator.

But if you have enough space then you can go for double door refrigerator.

So you have to care about the dimension and space you have available. Always choose the refrigerator which fits your available space.

3.Energy consumption by the refrigerator.

There are no doubt energy efficiency matters. Always choose the refrigerator which gives you low electricity bill.

You have to pay the cost of the electricity for all of your life so choose the refrigerator which is energy efficient. It saves a lot of your products.

4.Built in refrigerator

Basically built in the refrigerator are mean to be built in have vents in the front.

And a fridge that is not mean to be built in dramatically increase energy use a d reduces appliances life.

5.Warranty of the refrigerator

This is the very crucial point you must consider before buying a refrigerator.

You must know how long year warranty you are receiving.

The warranty you are getting is an onsite warranty or offsite warranty. Almost all type refrigerator these days have an on-site warranty so you don’t need to worry about that.

Things to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator in India
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