Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV Review

sony Bravia klv-40w562d review

There is no doubt Sony has produced various top-notch Quality tv. sony Bravia klv-40w562d is another gem and loaded with advanced features.

In this post we are going to review sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV with full specifications, pros and cons, various advanced features, design overview, Connectivity options, where to buy Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV and many others things.

Before going into detail review of Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV we have pointed out some
Main quick features of Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV for your quick assessment.

1.Features and specifications of Sony Bravia klv-40w562d Smart TV.

  • Full HD 1080p
  • X-Reality PRO
  • Slim and Streamlined
  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Access the Internet
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Support Netflix.
  • Support YouTube streamline.
  • Equipped with X-Protection PRO.
  • Photo Sharing Plus
  • Screen mirroring
  • Super Multi-Format USB Play
  • FM Radio
  • multi-Indian regional language.

2.Connectivity options

Sony Bravia klv-40w562d Review

there is no doubt connectivity is the heart of any modern television. especially these days new invention is taking place and expanding the are of connectivity options.
This sony Bravia klv-40w562d smart tv is equipped with tons of connectivity options. it comes with 1 ethernet port, Smartphone Connectivity options, 1 composite video input, 2 HDMI input.

Further, sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV also has HDMI audio return channel, audio headphone output. Headphone jack helps you to connect headphone and subwoofer.

For connecting external drive it has 2 USB ports. You can connect any types of USB device with this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV. You can also hang it on the wall very easily.

New Connectivity like Miracast, screening is also supported by this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d television. You can also use Pendrive with this Sony TV.

sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV also supports internet and WiFi facility. The USB port of this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV support hard disk up to 1 TB.

If you want to do screen mirroring you can do it wirelessly. You can also play Xbox 360 on this sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV. Further, it can be easily operated and connected to the computer or laptop.


Sony Bravia klv-40w562d Review

Another very important part of any TV is its screen. These days screen quality has advanced a lot and it will give unimaginable watching.

While talking about screen of this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV, it has 40-inch awesome full HD smart led SCREEN. Equipped with a resolution of 1920*1080.

Further, it has edge led backlit and frame Dimming which help you to get excellent movie watching experience.

To give you more clarity and best watching experience sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV has x reality pro features installed. It is the features which help to get more and more clarity enhancement.

Additionally, it also has various screen feature like dynamic contrast enhancer, motion flow motion enhancer. It supports full HD 1080p format video play.


Sony Bravia klv-40w562d Review

The audio department is just excellent as other departments in this TV. It came with 3 audio output having 8 watts plus 8 watts and 14 watts.

While talking about types of the speaker it has open baffle speaker, subwoofer and bass reflex speaker which gives you excellent sound performance.

sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV has a very advanced sound processing system like Dolby digital plus and Dolby Pulse.

It also has FM radio so you can listen to radio station through your TV whenever you want.

You can also connect the external speaker and how theatre with this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV without any problem and enjoy an amazing experience.


Next thing comes about the design. There is no doubt design is not major but nor a minor thing. Good design gives your satisfaction that your TV is looking awesome.

While talking about the design part of this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV, it has very sleek and attractive. Slimline styling blends effortlessly into a living room, enabling easier mounting on a wall. The screen has a narrow frame, accented with aluminum and minimal bezels, so you can focus on your entertainment with near edge-to-edge pictures. It’s an ideal blend of form and function for an immersive entertainment experience.

6.Pros and Cons

unlike other products this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV also has various pros and cons. we all list out main and key pros and cons of this smart tv.


√WiFi Connectivity.

√External Home Theatre Connectivity.

√NetFlix support.

√Photo sharing plus.

√Built-in Subwoofer for the awesome sound experience.


×No voice search.

×No 3D.

×Doesn’t have play store but having opera store.

7.Where to buy?

I know there may be a question popping into your mind regarding where you can buy this sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV.
there is 2 option for buying. one is offline and another online method for buying this sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV . for offline you have to visit your nearest store.

but if you want to buy online then there is two website we recommend. we recommend buying sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV only from Amazon and Flipkart. when you buy online you will also get a various offer from sony liv, bigflix and others. so it is always better to buy online.


our verdict about this Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV is it will not disappoint you. it is an excellent deal near rs.50,000 price having tons of modern features.

so if you want a buy a tv having a big screen, modern features, internet connectivity, and various features then go to Sony Bravia klv-40w562d HD TV.

it is one of the top class sony tv best in quality and performance

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Sony Bravia klv-40w562d TV Review
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