Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV Review

Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV Review

Samsung is known to be best television maker in the world, the company first established by manufacturing with the television and later on went into the mobile market.  The New Samsung Joy Plus 5100 Led has been into the market for a while and got an overwhelming response from the customers.

The Samsung Joy Plus 5100 has many features with the best price range in the market. If you’re looking for a Led Tv then this will be your ideal choice to buy, as in this price bracket Samsung Joy Plus 5100 is offering top features with good customer support.
As the alphabet ‘J’ indicates it’s a Joy Plus and 5 series Television. The Samsung J5100 Led TV has many features which you can see below.

 Key Features of Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led Tv Review:

  • You can capture the screen to take pictures.
  • In-Store replay mode you can record all your favorite scenes.
  • You can access all your recording content.
  • You can watch J5100 Led TV in Cricket Mode, which gives you stadium like experience.

Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV

Screen Capture

In Samsung J5100 you have Screen capture feature which is a handy feature for users while watching your favorite TV shows you can capture TV moments on the screen at the push of a button and save the image to an external storage device connected to the TV.

Also now you can view the captured stored image anytime and relive your favorite moment. This handy feature is available only on Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV only as of now. So now you can enjoy your favorite shows with screen capture feature.

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Sound Capture

Users can Record audio while watching their favorite shows or listening to the music, dialogue or commentary and save it on an external storage device, which is attached to your Let TV. After sound capturing you can listen to your recordings at any time and enjoy them. This handy feature will be available exclusively on Samsung J5100 Led TV.

Story Reply

Yet another important feature available on this J5100 Led TV that is Story Reply, yes you can capture your favorite scenes and music while watching TV. You can use this feature just by using your TV remote, on your TV remote you can just push of a button and save the content on any of your external storage devices like USB or External hard disk. Later you can access all your content and relive the moment with your family and enjoy it.

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Indian Cinema Mode

Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV

Samsung TVs are made with latest technologies which will help you to watch your favorite shows or movies with great experience. Here in Samsung Joy Plus J5100 TV, you can also get that handy feature like viewing your favorite movies on Indian Cinema Mode. Yes, now you can view all your latest movies and videos in Indian Cinema Mode to get that theatre like experience at home.

Users will get the different options like vivid and bright colors along with enhanced sound output just like in the movies. Users will also customize the screen viewing size as per their requirement, this type of handy features will only be available Samsung Joy Plus J5100. Get your latest Samsung J5100 to get theatre type of view in your home.

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Cricket Mode

This is the very important feature which makes Samsung j5100 stand out from the competition. Enjoy stadium like experience switch on the “Cricket Mode” this feature makes the good experience for everyone. This feature is more compatible and gives great viewing angles those who are watching live cricket on their televisions.

At any time you can freeze live cricket match, divide the screen into 9 sections and zoom into more details. As of now, this kind of feature has not come into the market, only Samsung has implemented this technology on their Joy Plus J5100 Led TV. Thanks for Samsung for providing this feature for all its cricket fans. If you are a cricket fan than your choice should be Samsung J5100 LED TV.

Watch Movies from your USB

Samsung Joy Plus J5100 has connectivity option like HDMI port, USB to connect your external drive and watch your favorite content. It can read all type of USB devices and view your content without any issues.

Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV

Best in Class Durability

When it comes to durability, Samsung offers best in class LED TV to its customers. Samsung is the best television manufacturer in India. Samsung TV equipped with block capacitors, which allows the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15KV. Also, each chipset is coated with Silica Gel and anti-humidity glue to protect the TV from moisture. This LED TV can handle up to 750V of high fluctuation.

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Along with one year warranty, Samsung is offering an additional one year warranty on lightening humidity and power surges only.  This is the features available on New Samsung Joy plus J5100 Led TV, users get the complete viewing experience and theatre like experience with this LED TV. At this price point, this television is the best to grab. Customers need to worry about the quality and service of the J5100 Led TV.

Final Take-Conclusion

Buy your Samsung Joy Plus J5100 only from the authorized service center to get a valid warranty. And for installing J5100 LED TV the authorized persons from Samsung care will come and install and give you the complete demonstration of the television.

Do not expose your LED TV in direct sunlight, use under correct power supply, and switch off your television when not in use. Always use current plug pin for using your television. This will give your Samsung J5100 Led TV more life. For more information about the Samsung J5100 Led TV, you can check on the official website or can view on their user manual provided for you at the time of purchase.

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Samsung Joy Plus J5100 Led TV Review
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