Best Payment Gateway in India (2018)

Online selling in India is booming like fire. and there is no doubt if you target well and do some hard work you can sell online more than offline.

There are various pros and cons of online selling. It is very easy to sell online .you will get a lot of customers just on various social media hanging there. Just you have to target well and you are done.

So you have decided to sell online and want to know about best payment in India.

We have comes with top 5 payment gateway in India with setting up fees, transaction fees, commission rate and all details.

Under this Post, You’ll Learn:-

  • What is The Payment Gateway?
  • Which is the Payment Gateway in India with No Setup Fee
  • Top 5 Payment gateway charges and Commission Rate.
    What kind of paper work is required if I am looking for payment gateway integration ???
  • How to setup payment gateway in India.
  • How long does it usually take to signup for the payment gateway approval?

1.What is Payment Gateway?

Basically, a payment gateway is the medium through which you collect an amount from your customer.

Online selling is booming in India and growing like rapid fire. In coming years almost 60-80% buying transaction will be online.

As per a survey by statista,

In 2015, e-retail sales accounted for 1.7 percent of all retail sales in India, this figure is expected to reach 4.4 percent in 2019.

best payment gateway in india

Another Survey Statista Found That,

In 2016, the sale of physical goods via digital channels in India amounted to 16.08 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. and it will grew to 45 Billion US Dollar in 2021.

So You Can Imagine the Online Selling Growth in coming years.

best payment gateway in india

If you are started selling online then you need to collect the amount from customers.

There are various payment gateway integration India.

Then question arises,

2.Which is the best payment gateway in India?

There are hundreds of payment gateway in India. But we have chosen only the best payment gateway in our list.

From hundreds of payment integration, we have selected top 5 Payment Gateway which takes less approval time and No setup fees.


instamojo is providing Rs.500 to Readers as Bonus.

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First and best payment gateway in India is instamojo in our list. There are various reasons behind that instamojo found first in out list.

Under 5 minutes of registering you can start selling and collecting payment through instamojo.

Used by more than 5 lakh merchant across India instamojo is the best payment collecting medium in India.

You can create payment link in just in 1 minute and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and other place and start collecting payment.

best payment gateway india

While talking about fees charged by instamojo. it has a various fee schedule. there are no setup fees charged. setup is completely free and hardly it takes 5 minutes to integrate it with your website or create a payment link.

if your store is based on WordPress, then instamojo have a separet plugin which is very easy to setup. if your platform is based on other software like Magento,open kart or others. the there is separate plugin for those platforms.

After collecting payments in instamojo dashboard your money will be sent your bank account within 3 days.

if you want to join instamojo then Join Here You Will Get Rs.500 as Bonus.

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You just have to upload various documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account detail, canceled check copy.

Instamojo is the best, easiest and quickest payment gateway in India.


Insta charges 2% of the sale value + RS.3 on every transaction.

Join InstaMojo and Get Rs.500

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2. Pay U Money

After instamojo, pay u money is the second best payment gateway in India.

Used by more than 3 lakh merchant in India, pay u money is easy and trusted payment gateway in India.

It will not charge any setup fees and no annual maintenance cost. Like instamojo , pay u money is also very easy to set up and start collecting payment.

You can also collect payment on WhatsApp, FB, and others social media platform for this you just have to create payment link which hardly takes 2 minutes.

Join Pay U Money

best payment gateway in india

After sign-up with all details including bank details, personal detail, email if and phone number you will get approved within 48 hours.

Further, you also need various kinds of document. You need the following document to sign up:-

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Bank statement
  • Canceled check.

Pay u money charges 2% flat transaction rates and no there cost.

Suppose you have collected Rs,10000 then you will receive 10,000- 10,000*2/100 = Rs.9800 in your bank account within 3 days.

Join Pay U Money


Join Razor Pay

A 3rd payment gateway is razor pay. It is little. It different from above two payment gateway.

It is different from design, process, and method to collect payments.

Razor pay accepts various payment mode like UPI, master card, Vida card, net banking, wallets payment so that your customer doesn’t face any kind of difficulties in paying.

best payment gateway in india

While talking about integrations, razor pay can be integrated to more than 30+ platforms across the globes.

You can integrate razor pay with the android app, WordPress website, Magento platform, iOS app, and another platform.

If you are using WordPress and using woo commerce then it has a separate plugin to I integrate which hardly takes 2 minutes.


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4.Direc Pay.

Join DirecPay

A fourth payment gateway is a direct pay. Not famous but very useful Payment collecting medium.

Direct pay accepts debit cards Vida card, master card, credit card as their payment option.

After sign up, you have to submit scan copy of all the documents like radar card, pan card, and bank canceled check scan copy. After verifying all your document they approved your account.

5.Pay U Biz

Join Pay U Biz

There is a reason behind outing pay u biz as last payment gateway option in our list.

Pay u biz charges is higher than other payment gateway.

The remaining process of pay u biz is same as other gateways. But you have to spend setup charges while sign up with pay u biz.

You need a document like Aadhar Card, pan card, bank canceled check scan copy and need to upload. After verifying your document within 3-4 days your account will be activated.

Various Charges By Pay U Biz.

best payment gateway india

3.How we selected top 5 Payment Gateway?

There are various parameters which I have followed in the process of selecting best payment gateway.

I have gone through various following parameters.

1.Tested all 5 above payment gateway.

I have signed up and tested all payment gateway. Also, I have analyzed their dashboard.
Gone through all tabs and analyzed the easiness.

I have kept easiness of dashboard of payment gateway as an important factor while selecting.

2.Tested the transaction

After signing up I had performed 1 transaction myself and tested that in hoe much time actually I receive the amount in my payment gateway dashboard.

But while performing transaction we have received payment within 1 minute and got a notification on email and phone withing 2 minutes that I have got one sale.

3.Got amount within 3 days in the bank account.

After collecting amount the payment gateway transferred amount in my bank account within 3 days.

They have charged amount and rest amount got deposited in my bank account.

What kind of paper work is required if I am looking for payment gateway integration ???

It depends upon payment gateway. But while talking generally, almost all payment gateway required same documents.

First and foremost it requires Aadhar card. You have to upload Aadhar card scan copy. And they will verify it.

If you have company then you need to upload a company registration certificate scan copy.

The second document you require is the pan card. You need to upload pan card scan copy.

And the last document you need is the scan copy of cheque book. You need to upload scan copy of cheque book and upload it.

After uploading all the document payment gateway will verify it and communicate you through email and phone.


That’s all about best payment gateway in India. we have chosen all best payment collection medium. we have selected only the payment gateway which is easy to use, make fast payment, give you fast integration.

above payment gateway, less time for approval, having awesome customer care support.
if you have any question, or doubt or anything to say about payment gateway then always feel free to comment below.

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