How Much Will Buying New Appliances Save In Utility Bills

As the energy efficiency of appliances continues to improve over time, it would seem logical that replacing old appliances with new ones will reduce monthly utility bills and with the average household paying approximately Rs.14000 per year in gas and electricity, according to ENERGY STAR, the savings can be substantial. The reality, however, is that there are several factors that will influence the level of savings that can be realized by replacing the old with the new.

These factors include:

1.The age of the appliances that are being replaced

Increases in the efficiencies of energy usage by household appliances has occurred incrementally over a period of years, meaning that the greatest savings will be realized by replacing the oldest appliances first. For example, replacing a twenty-year-old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR rated model could save as much as 60% in energy costs due to the years of accumulated energy efficiencies. On the other hand, replacing a dishwasher that is less than 5 years old could save a little bit of money, but the savings may not even be noticeable due to smaller gains in energy efficiency.

2.The size of the new appliances

Going bigger with new appliances may be the right choice if, for example, you have a growing family but running larger appliances naturally requires more energy as well. To maximize savings, make sure that your new appliances are properly sized to meet the needs of your household in the most efficient manner possible.

3.Efficient use

The efficient use of your new appliances can make a big difference in your monthly utility bills. For example, running full loads in the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer will use far less energy than running cycles at half full. Additional energy savings can be realized by not preheating your oven and keeping the refrigerator/freezer full for optimized operating efficiency.Generally speaking, new appliances will be less expensive to run than older ones. The key to maximizing your monthly energy savings is to replace your oldest appliances first, buy the right size for your needs, and then operate them in the most efficient manner possible.

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How Much Will Buying New Appliances Save In Utility Bills
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