How to Use the Mixer Grinder the Better Way

Eating home cooked food is one of the healthiest habits to inculcate. Preparing food at home, cutting, grinding, blending, and making other variety of preparations needs time and effort. A mixer grinder can save your time and efforts in food preparation and makes the process of food preparation well organized.

You can read about how to use a mixer grinder effectively using these simple tips that help you maintain the appliance in the long run. A mixer grinder is a must at home as it helps in making the daily chores of cooking easy and efficient.

A mixer grinder is an appliance that is useful in multitasking kitchen chores and making cooking a time saving activity. You can make a variety of foods in short span of time and make delish dishes everyday and on special occasions.

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Grind raw spices and foods

Use a mixer grinder to grind spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, and any other spices that you would use for cooking and make a power or a paste using a mixer grinder. Find mixer grinders online that are suitable to your daily use.

You can find most of the features, grinding, chopping, and blending in most of the mixer grinders available online. You can also grind sugar and dry fruits and make a finer power and use them for making desserts.

Fine power can be used in baking, and making other spicy dishes that require fine powdered spices for food preparations.

Make healthy juices and smoothies

Juicing is healthy as long as you prepare it at home without artificial coloring or ingredients. You can buy a good mixer grinder online and use it daily for healthy juicing and smoothies.

Slice any fruit into small portions and blend them into a juice by adding water and prepare healthy fruit or vegetable juice and stay healthy. You can make smoothies by adding fruits, vegetables, dry fruit powder, yogurt, and make a nutrient and vitamin rich smoothie.

Mash potatoes, and make a fine paste

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? Make your favorite dish for breakfast with a mixer grinder to mash potatoes and make a finer paste of ginger and garlic that can be used in making a variety of dishes.

Slice and cut vegetables and fruits

Don’t shed tears while cutting onions, instead use one of the accessories provided by the mixer grinder and cut onions, or any vegetable or fruits. This is one of the quickest ways to cut vegetables using a mixer grinder instead of using the chopping board.

Prepare sauce and puree

Make tomato puree, and any other ingredient needed for making dishes like salsa, marmalade, and sauce. Choose a vegetable or any food items and use a good mixer grinder to make a smooth paste that can be used as a puree or a sauce.

Make a variety of food preparations from across the world

Make continental or Mexican food that needs the use of sauce which you can make at the comfort of your home and relish. A mixer grinder comes with accessories that can be used for chopping, blending, and grinding separately.

Use the tools and accessories provided for what they are used for by reading the manual. Keep the appliance clean by washing it immediately and wiping clean with a microfibre cloth.

Cleaning and maintenance of a mixer grinder

  • Clean the blades of the mixer grinder separately.
  • Do not soak them in the washing detergents for a longer time.
  • To remove stains and smell use baking powder and lime juice and keep the appliance germ and stench free.
  • You can reduce the noise coming from the mixer grinder by placing it on top of a mat and keeping it away from the wall.
  • Always keep the mixer grinder dry and stench free.
  • Do not clean them in dishwasher as it can soil the electric connections attached to the appliance.
  • Use a liquid detergent for utensils and do not use any harsh dishwashers that leave a residue and cause rust to the blades of the appliance.
  • To extend the duration and life of your mixer grinder you can clean the equipment with lemon peels and a paste of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Always turn off the power of the mixer grinder before you start cleaning the appliance.
  • A few parts of the appliance, like the blade are removable and must be cleaned separately.
  • Clean immediately after use and do not leave it unattended for a longer time.
  • Clean the buttons of the mixer grinder with a toothbrush to avoid jamming.
  • Do not expose the appliance to direct sunlight and keep it away from children.

Effective ways of using a mixer grinder

Always place the appliance on a flat surface when you want to use it. Turn off the power when you are placing food items into the jar. Close the lid tightly before turning on the appliance.

Do not overload the jar as it can degrade the speed and the effectiveness of the blade. Choose appropriate quantity before loading the jar.

Do not load the jar with hot items

When making recipes like mashed potatoes or soups, do not load the jar with boiled food for mashing or making a paste. Let it cool down for a few minutes after boiling and then load them into the jar. You can however, load ice cold items for blending and making a paste.

Do not load the jar with very hard food items

A few foods like pineapple, or jack-fruit have a hard base. Remove the peel and load the jar with slices and cubes of food items to blend them or to make a smoother paste. Never load the jar directly with raw food without breaking them into smaller portions.

Use different blades for different operations

A few mixer grinders come with various blades for shredding, chopping, and grating. Do not place the coconut in the blender, use appropriate blade and tool for shredding and chopping.

Tips to follow when the jar is jammed

When you find the jar hammed, remove the jar from the motor and rotate the blades manually in the opposite direction to remove the salt or grime attached to the bearings. Apply a few drops of oil to the blades and keep it aside for a few minutes and give it a test run.

If neither of these methods solve the problem, call for a professional help.

Few common problems of the mixer grinder

Food items and grease can get stuck on the interior part of the blade and can cause jamming and other operational problems. Dismantle the part as per the instructions in the manual and always give it a thorough clean every time you use it for longer period of time.

Using the appliance for a longer period of time can jam the wiring or the alter the mechanism of the blades. Once in 6 months call a professional for a thorough cleaning and maintenance of the hard to reach areas of the appliance.

Keep the blades sharp

Use a professional help to sharpen the blades of the appliance and do not do this yourself to avoid injury. If the blades are moving slowly, dismantle the blades and soak them in soapy water for a while, and wipe them clean before use.

Watts ideal for household use

When buying a mixer grinder for household use choose the appliance with 500 to 700 watts. Look into all the safety features before buying a mixer grinder.

Use a mixer grinder for wet grinding

Soaked pulses and grains can be used in a mixer grinder to make a batter. Indian pancakes, and other varieties of tortillas can be prepared with wet grinding using a mixer.

Choose the speed for various operations

When cutting, slicing, chopping, shredding, or making a paste, use the manual speed of the mixer grinder for better results. For chopping harder vegetables use turbo speed and softer vegetables like the leafy vegetables use medium speed.

Grind meat and chicken

When grinding or chopping meat in a mixer grinder always use boneless meat or chicken for food preparations. You can also beat eggs using the steal blades in the grinder for making puddings and cakes.

Cooking is an art and true joy when you prepare food for your loved ones. Create a healthy morning routine with shakes, smoothies, and salads chopped and prepared in a good mixer grinder. Always enure to thoroughly clean the appliance to prepare hygienic food.

Make your everyday cooking a joy with the use of a mixer grinder for food preparations. Be it an event, a party, or your daily routine, a mixer grinder along with its army of tools always comes handy making your recipes delish and cooking truly celebrated.

You can easily accommodate a mixer grinder in any corner of the kitchen and use it daily. Most of the mixer grinders come with a warranty of 24 months. Tight snaps are provided on the lids of the jars to avoid food spilling.

Along with the mixer grinder, a spatula is provided for mixing food in the jar. Available at economic price, you can buy an appliance that suits your daily needs and use these tips to make the effective use of the mixer grinder. This is how to use a mixer grinder for daily food preparations, clean and maintain them.

How to Use the Mixer Grinder the Better Way
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