How to select kitchen chimney

In the modern world, globalization has taken place all over the world. Different kinds of companies have come up with different types of products according to the taste and preference of the consumers. These products are helping them to earn a lot of money and also helping people in many ways making their lifestyle easier and lavish.

The modern houses usually have an aesthetic house décor. So people use a lot of things that help them to save the beautiful home décor. One such thing is the Kitchen Chimney.

Since it is a competitive market and a lot of similar products are available in the market due to globalization, the problem that mainly arises out of this is how to select kitchen chimney that will suit the customer.

Kitchen chimney is one of the most important gadgets in the day to day life. It enhances the look of the kitchen, giving it a better and innovative aspect and helping while cooking food keeping the kitchen smoke and grease free.

Why are chimneys used?

Kitchen chimney is an electrical appliance that works like a super magnet. The chimneys absorb all the fumes and the smokes that arise from cooking in the kitchen. The wonderful appliance cleans all the oil and smokes making the kitchen neat and clean.

This is one of the best inventions of a human being. Because of its suction effect, it helps to clean the kitchen without any hassle. It also keeps the home décor intact. The chimneys are very useful and should be used in every home where the interiors are beautifully decorated and are well maintained.

The filters used inside a chimney are of various kinds that help in the suction of the smokes and dirt. This filter should be cleaned once in at least two months where the chimneys are used from normal to moderate levels. In the kitchen where heavy cooking is done, the filters must open and cleaned once in a month.

How many kinds of chimneys are available?

There are mainly four kinds of the chimney in the market available. But we need to decide how to select kitchen chimney. The four kinds of kitchen chimneys are as follows :

  • Wall mounted kitchen chimney – these chimneys are fitted against the kitchen wall exactly over the oven. These chimneys are exactly located adjacent to the wall with various kinds cramps.
  • Built-in kitchen chimney – these chimneys are placed against the wall but are fitted inside a wooden cabinet that is made in the kitchen to give an aesthetic look to the kitchen.
  • Corner kitchen chimney – these kitchen chimneys are exactly fitted in one corner of the kitchen just above the cooking platform. This helps the consumer to utilize the corners of the kitchen efficiently.
  • Island kitchen chimney – these kitchen chimneys are placed away from the wall where the cooking platform is located. The kitchen chimney is hung from the ceiling of the kitchen.

These kitchen chimneys are always available in the market with a handsome price. The consumer should first decide which one he wants to buy.

What to check?

Before purchasing a chimney of your choice, check all your requirements that you want in your chimney. The usual few things that are checked before buying a chimney are as follows that helps us to know how to select kitchen chimney.

  • The size of the kitchen chimney must be checked. The size must be in accordance with the wall.
  • Check the color of the kitchen chimney that you want to buy. It must be at par, or the color should be contrasting with the color of the kitchen walls.
  • The latest model of the kitchen chimney along with the latest technology must be purchased.
  • Check the types of the kitchen chimney filters. Various kinds of kitchen chimney filters are available in the market. So select according to your type and requirement. For example, some filters have auto clean technology while some don’t.
  • The suction power of the kitchen chimney is also an important factor that must not be overlooked under any circumstances. Without proper suction capability, the chimney will not work properly, and it becomes useless to buy such a kitchen chimney.

These factors must always be kept in mind to buy a proper kitchen chimney that will be appropriate for the kitchen and also helps to handle it easily.

Types of Kitchen Chimney filters

The chimney filters play a very vital role in the kitchen chimneys as they attract all the smoke grease and oil while cooking and keeps not only the kitchen but all the house clean and grease free. The filters that are used are mainly of 3 types. They are as follows:

  • Carbon filters – they are also known as a charcoal filter as it is made of the black charcoal. It helps to filter bad odor and can be used with cassette and baffle filter. But due to the attraction of oil and dirt, this filter needs to be cleaned every six months due to the accumulation.
  • Cassette filter – these filters are mainly made of aluminum mesh which helps to pass the smoke and attracts the oil and grease easily. Due to the attraction of this grease particles, it needs to be washed and cleaned every week to keep it clean. You need to rub it hard and wash it properly with detergent to clean it properly.
  • Baffle filter – these are mainly used in the Indian kitchen as they control the flow panel. Due to their curve structure, they help to suck out the smoke and grease while cooking food without affecting the chimney. It does not need too much maintenance but needs to be cleaned every three months and can run for years without any problem.

Seven simple steps to buy a kitchen chimney

A consumer who wants to buy a kitchen chimney should follow the following steps. This will help them to plan how to select kitchen chimney. These seven simple steps will help you to get best results for the kitchen. This will also help you to plan the kitchen chimney according to the kitchen interior. They are as follows:

1. Take down the measurements –

You should measure the wall where you want to hang the chimney from. The measurement must be appropriate and accurate. If the measurement is not accurate then, later on, you will face problems while cooking using the chimney to function. In high likelihood, the chimney may not fit into the place properly at all.

2. Check the suction mechanism of the chimney –

You should always check the suction before buying the chimney, or else you might have a problem while using the chimney. If the suction does not work properly, the whole purpose of using a chimney will be defeated.

3. Check the chimney filter –

You should check all the filters before buying the chimney because they are essential stuff which you should need to check before buying a chimney. So that you do not face any problem with its operations after buying, checking the filter of your chimney is important.

4. Choose the most appropriate variant –

Out of the four types of kitchen chimneys namely wall mounted kitchen chimney, corner kitchen chimney, built-in kitchen chimney and island kitchen chimney, make sure to choose the most suitable type for your kitchen. You will, of course, want your kitchen to look stylish but at the same time, you must also be sure of handling it properly.

5. Check the brand that you buy –

Choosing a well-known brand for your kitchen chimney ensures that the equipment is reliable. Buying from a well-known brand means you also get assured after sale service. In case of any problems, you will also be able to reach out to the customer help desk for troubleshooting tips.

6. Ask for a demo –

You must always ask for a demonstration of the chimney that you want to buy. In the demo, you will be able to learn about all the features and functionalities of the chimney. It is important that you get familiar with the features since you will be using it at your home.

7. Check for the manufacturer’s warranty –

Always check the warranty period before buying a kitchen chimney. In case any of the parts are damaged, you can replace it with the original replacements from the manufacturer.

Advantages of using kitchen chimneys

While buying a kitchen chimney, checking out its advantages also makes sense. Getting to know what advantages you can look forward to, will enable you to make the most of your kitchen chimney. The electric kitchen chimney was basically created to help with the household chores, but there are some interesting advantages too.

You can inquire if the chimney model that you have selected offers these advantages.

  • Helps to clean the kitchen from oil and dirt by attracting the oil and dirt particles towards itself and keeping the kitchen hygienic.
  • Helps to keep the home and kitchen décor clear from sticky grease created by the oil used for cooking since it evaporates into the air while it is cooked and heated.
  • The people who have allergy from smoke can be avoided with the use of kitchen chimney.
  • Helps to cook without any smoke or water vapor giving you very cooling sensation and making you feel comfortable while cooking food.
  • The latest models clean the chimney filters automatically that saves the time of the consumer.
  • The kitchen chimney also gives health benefits to the person who is cooking food as excessive inhalation of the greasy fumes will be led to various airborne diseases


Modular kitchens require a good kitchen chimney that will give a beautiful look to the kitchen. However, it is good to bear in mind that the maintenance cost of kitchen chimneys is pretty high if you depend on professional services to get it cleaned periodically. While cleaning the chimney by yourself, if you are not careful enough, there are chances of damaging the equipment.

Apart from such minor factors, nobody can deny the extreme benefits that kitchen chimneys have brought in our lives. Investing in a good chimney for your kitchen will indeed be a wise decision.

Once you have read this article, you will get a well chalked out idea about how to select kitchen chimney. Make sure to check for all the options that are mentioned here. And finding out the correct kitchen chimney for your kitchen will be no big deal!

How to select kitchen chimney
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