How to Recover Deleted Files from Smartphones?

Smartphone has become a daily necessity for people. Users are storing important data in smartphones. But what if the data has been deleted unknowingly? It surely creates a lot of fuss. But don’t worry. We have techniques to bring back the data that you have lost.

But The Big Question Is??

Can the Data Deleted in Smartphone can be Recovered?

Yes, it can be recovered. When you delete a file, it just doesn’t visible for your eyes but it is present somewhere in the phone. You just have to find a tool that is capable of recovering the file.

Recovering from data in Android Device

The recovery of data can be done on Android with the help of Android Data Recovery. It not only recovers SMS and contacts but also images and videos too. The recovery can be carried out in simple steps.
Steps to Recover Files in  Android Device
 Download and install the Android Data recovery tool in your PC. It
supports both Windows and Mac.
Run the program and select Android Data Recovery option.
Now connect your mobile to the PC with an original USB cable.
Enable USB debugging in your Android Device.
For Android 2.3 or earlier-Go to settings>click applications>Tap on
development>Check the box adjacent to USB debugging.
For Android 3.0 to 4.1-Go to settings>Open developer
options>check USB debugging.
For Android 4.2 or more-Go to settings>about phone>open build
number for seven or more times, you will become a
developer>open developer options>then open USB debugging.

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Start Scanning
Once the USB debugging has been enabled on your device, the program detects it. Select the file category that you want to recover, then tap on the green button “Next” to start analyzing the data present in your Android.

If you select the images category then all the images that have been deleted are shown on the screen. Select the images that you want to recover and then click on recover button.
Now you can see all the images in your gallery again.

Recover Files in iOS

The tool that you need to recover the files in an iOS device is Phone
Rescue. Here is a step by step guide to recover the deleted files in iOS
Install Phone Rescue software in your PC.
Connect your iPhone/iPad to PC via USB cable.
Open the program and click on choose recover from
iPhone/iTunes or iCloud.
Then click on next button.
Select the type of files that you want to recover and tap on OK to
scan all the deleted files.
If you have chosen to recover from iCloud then you should login
into your Apple account and then download iCloud backup to
your PC first.
The thumbnails of the deleted files are shown on the screen of
your PC. You can select the files that you want to recover and
then click on recover symbol that is present at the bottom of the
These are two best tools that are available in the market to recover the deleted data from your smartphone.

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How to Recover Deleted Files from Smartphones?
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