How to Change JioFi Password in 4 Simple Steps

Now if you are here then you want to change your JioFi password. You might have purchased the new JioFi, or you have shared the details with someone you don’t want to access your network. The reason could be anything but that won’t take away that you want to learn how to change JioFi password.jiowifi

Keep reading and you will find out how you can do it easily without having to go much into technical. I will guide you through step by step on how to successfully change your JioFi password.

I know learning something first time can be confusing and hard. But once you learn, it becomes icing on the cake.

That’s why while writing this ultimate guide I have made it as simple as saying A for Apple. All the steps are comprehensively explained in simple terms so you can follow along easily.

At the end of this article, you will able to change your JioFi password successfully. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to change JioFi password

Step 1: Switch on your JioFi

Pick up your JioFi and switch on the device. You can power on JioFi by holding down the power button for few seconds.

Step 2: Connect your device to JioFi

Now you can connect your Laptop or any android device to jioFi. There are two ways you can connect JioFi to your device.

2 ways to connect JioFi

  • SSID and Password
  • WPS Push Button

Connect JioFi with SSID and password:

To connect JioFi with SSID and password, you need to click on network name of your JioFi in your device’s wi-fi settings. It will prompt to enter the password. You will be connected to JioFi once you do that.

If you do not know the network name or password of JioFi then:-

follow this 4 simple steps:-
Step 1: Switch of JioFi
Step 2: Remove the cover of JioFi
Step 3: Remove the battery.
Step 4: Underneath the battery, you will find JioFi SSID and Password. Not it down somewhere so you can use it later.

Switch on your JioFi and connect your Android device or connect the laptop with SSID and password.

Note: Your network name is same as your SSID

Connect JioFi with WPS Push Button

If your JioFi has WPS Push Button, then you can use it to connect any device without having to enter the password.

On android device go to wifi settings page > click on WPS Push button. Now press the WPS button on JioFi.

If you are on the desktop, laptop or Windows device then click on your network name > When prompt for password click WPS button on JioFi. You will be connected automatically.

Step 3: Login to JioFi settings page

jiofi adminstration

Open up the browser on your device. Then enter any of this two address into URL bar http://jiofi.local.html or

Accessing that URL will open up JioFi settings page. Now enter the login details in username box as administration and password as administration.

Yes, that’s correct both username and password are administration.

Step 4: Last Step

Once login, click on left pane > Click WI-fi > Select Network Configuration or settings.

If you are not able to follow above then find Network, click on Wi-Fi Configuration.

Either will take you to page where you can change your wifi network name and password.
Once you reach there, you will find two fields named SSID and Password. Enter the new details and click update.

Hurray, you have successfully able to change your JioFi password.

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How to Change JioFi Password in 4 Simple Steps
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