How Much Electricity Unit is Consumed By a 1.5 Ton Split AC


How much electricity can 1.5 ton split AC can consume?
It depends upon various factors your like star rating of the ac, overall environment in which ac operate, size of the room and others thing.

In this post, we will try to explain everything related to how much power can be consumed by 1.5-ton split AC.

The “split” word implies two parts –

1. The compressor which is outside and

2. The “fan” which is inside.

Basically, tons denotes the overall cooling capacity of the AC. And the capacity of the AC is directly related to usage of electricity.

So before estimating the power consumption, you have to look out the overall specifications of the air conditioner.

First things in determining ac power consumption are the star rating of the air conditioner.

Ac comes in from 1 star to 5-star rating. 1-star ac consumes more energy whereas 5 star consumes less electricity.

While choosing star always go for ac having a minimum 3-star rating.

Check the star rating label on the AC. Power consumption is always mentioned on it. If it is 1500 watt(Generally for 3 star AC), it means that for running 1 hour, 1.5 units are consumed. z
Roughly if the rate of 1 unit is Rs. 6,

Cost of 1 hour= 6 x 1.5=Rs.9

1.5 ton split ac power consumption

Based on the data on power consumption by BEE, Inverter ACs of BEE 3 star ratings are about 7% more energy efficient than BEE 5 star rated noninverter ACs.

Considering 60% compressor operation, electrical energy consumed by 3 stars rated AC would be 1.2 Unit /hr of operation, whereas a 5 star AC would consume 1.0 unit/hr of operation.”

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Basically while talking about final consumption of 1.5-ton split as I have estimated below data.

1.5-ton 5-star rating Split Ac- 0.9 Unit per Hour.

1.5 ton 4-star rating Split Ac- 1 unit per hour.

1.5 ton 3-star rating Ac- 1.3 unit per hour.

1.5 ton 2-star rating Ac- 1.5 unit per hour.

1.5 ton 1-star rating Ac- 2 unit per hour.

That’s all about power consumption of 1.5-ton split friends. I hope you have cleared tour doubt to regard how much electricity can be consumed by 1.5-ton ac.

If you have any doubt or any suggestions or any thing to ask always feel free to ask below in comment section.

How Much Electricity Unit is Consumed By a 1.5 Ton Split AC
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