Egate i9 Projector Review

Egate is an Indian premier brand which manufactures a projector and various small Electronic accessories. It is a very trusted brand in projector segments.over the years egate projector are gaining a lot of popularity among Indian users. Egate is Indian company situated at Ghaziabad near Delhi.Egate i9 Projector Review

There are various models of the egate projector but today we will go to review the Egate i9 model. This model of egate projector is very famous. You can use this projector for various purposes including home theatre, powerpoint presentation, school presentation and other.

1.Screen of the Egate i9

Screen of the Egate i9

While talking about screen of the egate i9 projector, it is led LCD projector having excellent performance.

It has native Full HD screen resolution of 800*480 and it also supports resolution up to 1920*1080 format.

Further, it has more than 16000 image Colour support and 1000:1 image contrast quality. Brightness segments are better than any foreign brand can manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of the screen.

Widescreen size of 120-inch display gives you far more than better experience than any modern TV. It also gives you the flexibility on screen size. If you want to watch a movie in small screen then You can adjust it by putting projector close to the wall. And further, if you change your mind to watch in big screen just take it farther away from the wall to watch in 120-inch screen.

2.Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

As much as a screen, Connectivity is the heart of any projector. These day people first look out for the what types of Connectivity the projector offers. Whether it has USB connection options, HDMI port available, Android Connectivity options?.

In Connectivity segments, the egate i9 massive range of Connectivity options. It provides USB port, HDMI Connection, Smartphone Connectivity, pc Laptop Connect, camera Connectivity, gaming console Connectivity. You can connect almost every type of modern Connectivity options. You can enjoy any form of media from virtually any source.

You can also connect DVD player, TV set up box other media player with this projector.

It also supports direct USB play. So you can just plug in your USB pen drive or HDD up to 1 TB and enjoy your movie or whatever you want to watch.




3.Design of the Egate i9

Design of the Egate i9

There is no doubt design depends upon the locality of the place where you are using the projector.

Most of the projector is made for western countries, this egate i9 projector is designed for the harsh Indian condition. It has sealed optical engine which prevents the dust to gather inside provide you years of crystal clear imaging.

Most of the brand use 2 or 3 fiber lens but this egate i9 projector uses 5 fiber lens for better clarity and viewing.

4.Additional features.

Additionally, it has variou others features like an inbuilt speaker, 3.5mm jack for audio output, and 5.1 home theatre Connectivity.

You can also use Amazon fire stick with this projector. You can also hang to the ceiling through ceiling hanger and fix for permanent use.

5.Pro’s and Con’s


  • Remote control.
  • Support MKV format video.
  • Good Design.
  • Huge Connectivity Options.
  • Made in India.


  • It is mainly made for home theatre purpose. It is better not to use for presentation.
  • Inbuilt speaker but sound output is not good.if you Connect them to the external speaker then the output is awesome.


6.Where to buy Egate i9 projector?

You can buy Egate i9 projector from various sources we only recommend from Amazon and Flipkart .both are trusted and we’ll establish brands.

7.Frequently Asked Question About Egate i9 Projecor

1.What is the brightness of lumens?

>it has 1200 lumens of brightness.

2.Is it suitable for presentation?

>Yes, its good for presentation purpose.

3.Can it connect set-top box?

>Yes, you can connect this projector to your set-top box.

4.Can we connect it to the phone?

>yes, you can connect egate i9 to your smartphone.

5.Does it support 3D?

>No, it doesn’t support 3D.

6.can we use 3.5mm jack for audio output?

>Yes, It has 3.5 mm Audio output jack.

7.Does it have a cooling fan?

>Yes, Its has.

8.Will it work with the external hard disk?

>Yes, It works with the external hard disk.

9.can we hang it to the ceiling?

>yes, you can hang it on the ceiling.

10.Can I mount this with projector mount ceiling??

>yes, you can.

11.Can I connect BluRay or DVD player?

>Yes, you can this egate i9 projector with DVD and Blu-ray player.

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  • How many hours can we continuously play it?

    • I think you can play it from 5-9 hours continuously..

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