Does The Microwave Make Food Unhealthy or Radioactive?


Does The Microwave Make Food Unhealthy or Radioactive?Have you ever wondered that microwaved food really hazardous to your health? Today we let you know some interesting facts about microwaved food.
Nowadays we see a very common equipment in every home it’s non-other than a microwave. A microwave has the ability to cook, defrost and reheat different types of foods. As a special future like that number of people has been using the microwave in their home for instant cooking and serve immediately.

We see the usage of the microwave in homes and some bakery’s as well, which can be used to reheat the food and serve. But most of us have not yet know the real fact which is happening to be the reheat process. Commonly most of us will not care about nutrition present in our food, and by reheating that in the microwave what happens we never imagined. To know more about this you need to understand more about the microwave.

 Unhealthy or radioactive?

Does The Microwave Make Food Unhealthy or Radioactive?
Most people will be using the Microwave for instant cooking, a microwaving can cause “molecular damage” to the food substance as same as any cooking does. Both the formats can cause the chemical changes in food. The changes can be taken place like desirable, which usually kills the microorganisms, increases flavor and make tastier.
A microwave and a conventional oven both will apply electromagnetic energy to the food.
Previously it does with low-frequency microwaves and later with higher frequency infrared.
In general high-frequency waves are all absorbed by the outside, while long frequency waves move more deeply.
Which makes cooking the food more fasted in the microwave and also you don’t need to wait for a long time.

Technology Used

Does The Microwave Make Food Unhealthy or Radioactive?
Thanks for all the latest technology of microwave which gives hot food instantly. Usually, people are more attracted towards microwave because of their busy schedule.  But it is also important to know what you’re consuming and if it is unhealthy or radioactive.
Microwave – will it destroy vitamins? Is it unhealthy?

As we know while cooking the food automatically we will lose some vitamins from the food. And in the same case will happen with the microwave also. While cooking with microwave some of the important and helpful chemicals will be destroyed in cooking, especially we lose vitamin C. As we know that vitamin C will be destroyed from the food immediately once if the food microwaved, steamed, baked or fried.

Does Microwave Kill Vitamins and Proteins

In our daily life, vitamin C is the most important thing to protect our skin and body. As most of us are not getting enough vitamins to their body on daily bases and some of the important vitamins are getting vanished in preparation of food and while storing the food uncovered. It is most important for everyone to get proper vitamin to our body to live healthier in this busy life.
Does it remove the nutrients out from food?

As we know proteins and nutrients are very important for us, which we get mainly from the raw food only. We may miss some nutrients from the food in the process of getting heated or storing in cool, this can leads to changes in their physical properties, chemical imbalance and nutritional profile.

Reason For Losing Proteins and Vitamins

If nutrients are lost from foods, which are cooked in microwaves, this would be the reason. Either it may be too high in temperature was used or they were cooked for too long. The exact time and temperature can preserve most nutrients and also improves the food taste, texture, and color full. So microwave will keep your food healthier by keeping track of time and give the current temperature of cooking the food. As we have already followed a proper diet and take a current meal on time as it’s safe to eat microwave food in your daily life.

Things That Should be Take Care of

The time and temperature are the only things which need to take care while cooking the type food. While cooking the food you need to cook at a current temperature to preserve all the nutrients. As we know foods like meat, fish and eggs need to be heated at least 60c degrees to be safe. Likewise, we need to keep other food also on proper temperature.

Unlike microwave cooking as a negative effect on vitamins and nutrition, which we consume on our daily basis. Example the rapid cooking will help preserve a group of beneficial chemicals, the polyphenols, which will increase the total antioxidant activity of foods in green vegetables.

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Research and Study

A recent study has compared the microwaving or steaming vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and spinach to pressure cooking. They found the vegetables that were pressure cooked can be lost more insoluble fiber. Losing this fiber good for gut health, which is proven in a recent study. So it’s safer than cooking the food microwaved or steamed things.

As we said usually vitamin C will get destroyed when cooking the vegetables. This happens water-soluble nutrients are readily leached into the water when they usually get boiled. While very litter water is used in the microwave. And most of them are afraid of getting cancer by consuming the food from microwave, thus there are no proven case has registered till now. So by eating microwave food will not harm your body nor your food also. Whatever you consume will depend on your cooking and type of food.

Tips – Minimizing risk of Microwave cooking:

Avoid overheating the vegetables, which may cause the nutrient losses. Cool under right temperature.  Before cooking the food in microwaving, always check the labeling on the package and follow the instructions give on that. This will help you always.  If your package is not been marked as safe of the microwave, then immediately switch to an alternative or suitable cooking procedure.

Always look for the food while it’s getting heated in the microwave before it gets overheated.
Rotate and stir foods during the cooking procedure to spread the right temperature to whole food. This will keep food perfect cooking and good nutrition safe.  And always remember that a microwave cannot do magically make contaminated food safe all of a sudden. So if any movement if you got a doubt about food, throw it out.

Does The Microwave Make Food Unhealthy or Radioactive?
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