Ceiling Fan Buying Guides

During late spring, summer, and even fall, you may find your home to be a little too warm. Some rooms may be warmer than others depending on the type of air conditioning you have and how you arranged your rooms.

Ceiling fans are not only a functional piece of equipment, but they also play a part in the decor of the room you’ll install them in. Many homeowners have thought that any less expensive fan is fine for this purpose. It is time to rethink.

The following are some of the facts you may have to pay attention to.

Consider These Factors When Purchasing Ceiling Fan.


ceiling fan buying guide

One of the most critical parts of your fan is the motor. The fan motor is the heart of the machine. Check any inexpensive fan you may already have, it will probably have a thin metal outer covering. Have you experienced a rattling fan that keeps everybody in the room awake all night? This is most likely due to an inexpensive motor, commonly used for low-end fans.


ceiling fan buying guide

Ceiling fan is designed in several styles, you will need to decide and determine which style will suit the room. The popular ceiling fan styles available today range from art deco to Casablanca. You will need to select the right fan design that will match your room.

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DEcor is important, but this should not be the deciding factor when you are looking at the blades. Even if the blades are the correct color or design, if they are not able to move the air around in a room effectively, then you basically just have a piece of art hanging from your ceiling. Watch the fan closely to check on the balance of the blades also. The construction of the fan is also important. The blades of most of the inexpensive fans are designed from particle board. More expensive fans will have solid wood or synthetic rattan blades, which are much better quality.

The last thing you should consider is the pitch of the blades. The best pitch to choose is 14 degrees in order to maximize the air movement created by the fan.


ceiling fan buying guide

By using the right room lighting you can improve on the functionality of the fan. The most cost-effective option is LED lighting. By using Philips LED, you will gain the right energy efficient lighting and the perfect brightness in the room. When choosing a ceiling fan, though, be sure the light socket on the fan will allow for Philips LED bulbs. When you are ready to purchase a new ceiling fan for your home, but sure to take all of these factors into consideration. If you want to get the best from any ceiling fan, you need to effectively use the right Philips LED lighting, blades, and motor.

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Ceiling Fan Buying Guides
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