Should i Buy Cartridges or New Printer?

Ink cartridges aren’t inexpensive, are they? Sometimes you have to question how manufacturers can charge so much for cartridges, yet the cost of printers with inclusive cartridges is so low.

It does seem a little off the wall, but have you ever considered purchasing a new printer every time you require some ink? Could this be a more economical solution to your high ink costs?

1.Cost Factor

cost factor: Buy Cartridges or New Printer?

Many well-known printer manufacturers produce low-cost printers, which can be found in and around the Rs.2000-4000 marks. These often equate in price to the cost of the cartridges for the printer in question. In many cases, the cost of colored and black cartridges is the more than the printer.So, why would you ever wish to purchase a printer cartridge again, when you can get the whole machine for less than the price of the disposable ink cartridge?

Well, there are a number of things to consider in the printer equation, one of which is the starter cartridge. The starter cartridge is an ink cartridge that comes with printers to get you, well, started.

This cartridge is often not nearly as full as the traditional cartridge and so only works for a week before a replacement is necessary. You do have ink, but before long you’ll be able to make a child’s playhouse out of the spare machines in your home.

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2.Environmental Factor

environmental factor

Of course, the environmental impact of such an operation is heavy and quite harmful. By purchasing a new printer every time you need an ink cartridge, you’re essentially domiciling a large piece of plastic and metal to the landfill. The amount of energy, oil and other materials that go into creating a printer deem this to be a thoroughly wasteful exercise, even if it is cheaper by a couple of dollars.

This sort of action could cause significant environmental problems.Alternatives, however, are quite common and can also reduce your bill. Why pay higher prices for ink, but why damage the environment? Well, remanufactured ink cartridges provide a high-quality solution to this problem.

3.Buy an Expensive Printer

expensive printer

These ink cartridges are of equating quality to the manufacturer’s ink at a percentage of the cost – allowing for both green and lean printing.If you have a little more money, but begrudge high ink prices, purchase a more expensive printer to offer a cost-efficient solution, especially if you use the printer regularly.

4.New Cartridge is Better than New printer

New Cartridge is Better than New printer

More expensive printers have higher print yields and pay for themselves over time, allowing you to print more for a lower price.Though the idea of purchasing a new printer makes cold, hard economic sense, there are other costs involved. However, the alternatives offer a more balanced approach than manufacturer cartridges and should certainly be considered.

Should i Buy Cartridges or New Printer?
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