Best Website to Buy Furniture Online in India (2018)

There is no doubt furniture are very important part of our home. And a difinetly furniture plays very crucial role in designing of our home.

The days are gone when you need to visit your nearest market to buy furniture for your home and office. Now it’s the time of the online world. Everything from offline goes online and even small furniture are sold online.

There are hundreds of website where you can buy furniture like chair, dining tables, sofa, computer table, office chair, kitchen furniture and all types of furniture.

So question arises,

1.Where to buy furniture online in India?

website to buy furniture online in india

And the answer is there are many websites where you can buy furniture online.
But you know all website is not good. I with my team has researched almost 7 hours and came up with top 5 websites to buy furniture online in India with a detailed review.


A first best place to buy furniture online is peppefry in my list. peppefry is the very famous site for buying items like chair, all types of bed, dining table, office table and almost all types of furniture.

You can also find furniture made from woods, plastic, steel, aluminum and others types.

Further, you will find home decor, furnishings, kitchen ware,

The delivery period of the property is very fast co later to others furniture selling websites in India.
There are various reasons I have listed peppefry as first options. The first reason is I have excellent personal experience with pepperfry.

Previously I had bought middle price range wood bed from peppefry. I got bed delivered in 3 days in Delhi. Basically delivery period of furniture also depends upon the location where you live. But while talking about average they can deliver the product within 7 days.

Pepperfry accepts payments in a various mode like cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, master card, visa card.


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Not very well-established but having very quality furniture, evoke is the second best website where you can buy all type of furniture.

Basically evoke is a newly site which entered in the online furniture market. But I found it excellent in terms of product quality and delivery period parameters.

In terms of the delivery period of furniture, it can deliver the item within the range of 4-10 days.

Evoke accepts almost all types of payment options. It accepts debit card, visa card, cash on delivery.


Gozefo is a second best website where you can buy furniture online in India. Gozefo is not the very famous site but definitely a place where you can buy all types of furniture.

You can complete home kitchen, office kitchen, and appliances in

There are one limitation to this website. Currently, gozefo is delivering the product within some limited city only.

Currently, gozefo is delivering product to Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

So if you are living in these cities then you can buy furniture from gozefo without any doubt.
It accepts cash on delivery, debit card, visa card, master card and almost all types of payment mode.


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In my personal view, Amazon doesn’t need any Introduction. Amazon world largest e-commerce platform where you can. Find every type of product.

While talking about furniture, you can find every type of furniture on Amazon.

In terms of quality of products, no one can doubt the product sold on Amazon.

Amazon can diver product within 3-7 depends upon your of the best thing about the Amazon is, it delivers product across all over India.

Amazon accepts all types of payment mode including cash on delivery, debit card, credit card and others mode.


Flipkart is India e-commerce giant. Flipkart is recently named as top 20 most valued startup in the world. There is no doubt you will find little bit costly furniture on Flipkart. But Ni one can beat Flipkart in terms of quality.

It delivers furniture all across India ranging from 4-7 days depends upon your location.

In terms of payment mode, Flipkart accepts all payment mode like cash in delivery, debit card, credit card and others mode.


That’s all about best site to buy furniture friends. We have some care of various aspects while selecting our list.

We have taken care of various factor like delivery period, payment options and quality of the product as our selection parameter.

In the selection process of best furniture buying website, we have taken care of online feedback and reviews also.

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Best Website to Buy Furniture Online in India (2018)
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