Best Water Purifier (2018)

Best Water Purifier in india

After research of more than 7 hours our Team has comes with Top 10 water purifier available in India currently.

Water purifier has various types like R.O which is Reverse osmosis technology, UV which is ultraviolet technology and others are UF, which used ultrafiltration technology to purify the water.

Our list included all three types water purifier best in quality, long durability and best performance. We have included both electric and some nonelectric water purifier in our list.

You may agree with me when I say choosing one best water purifier is not an easy task when you have hundreds of options in front of you. You may be confused which water purifier should you choose or not and many question pop up in your mind.

Don’t worry; our team has prepared step by step water purifier buying guide below of this post.So keep reading the whole article.

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Before going into detail Review of Every Top 10 Best water purifier below is quick comparison table which helps you take the quick assessment.

These Are The Top 10 Water Purifer

NameStorageTechnology UsedPrice
1.Livpure Glitz Plus

2.kent Smart Non-Electric UF Purifier

3.Eurogrand Water Purifier

5.Blue Star Edge Water Purifier

6.A.O.Smith X7 Water Purifier

7.Kent Wonder Water Purifier

8.Blue Mount Elite Star Water Purifier

12 LitresAlkaline RO+ UFCHECK PRICE
9.HUL Pureit Marvella Slim Water Purifier

10.Blue Star StellaWater Purifier

11.BlueLife Tulips RED Digital Water Purifier




1.Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF

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First water purifier finds place in my list is all the way from Livpure brand. Livpure is Indian brand very well known for water purifier product.

Livpure Glitz Plus one of the best budget water purifier you can find in India. It has 6 stage powerful purification technology which cleans water like never before. 6 step cleaning include sediment filter, carbon filter cum absorber, Anti Scalant filter, Reverse RO, UF and last silver impregnated post carbon filter. After passing all 6 stage, water becomes fully purified and best suits for your health.Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF

While talking about storage of this Livpure Glitz Plus water purifier, it has 7-litre total storage capacity.

Additionally, Livpure Glitz Plus purifier has power on feature, Tank full indication signals, and membrane life enhancer.

Livpure Glitz Plus water purifier can remove all turbidity, chlorine inorganics like calcium, magnesium, and various harmful organic like pesticides.

Further, it also enhances water taste as it came with water taste improve and membrane life enhancer. You can mount it on any wall very conveniently.

Livpure Glitz Plus has both RO+ UF purification technology. It can be purified up to 8-10 liter water Per hour.

Regarding warranty service, Livpure Glitz Plus water purifier comes with one year warranty by Livpure. Warranty covers any manufacturing defects arising out of any faulty or defective material for 1 year from the date of installation.



2.kent Smart Non-ElectricUF Purifier

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The second water purifier is from Kent brand. Kent is top.nitch quality Indian brand.Kent makes water purifier and health care product. It’s situated in Noida Uttar Pradesh. Kent was founded in 1999 by Dr. Mahesh Gupta. Over the year Kent has also produced Vacuum cleaner, air purifier.

Kent Smart gold purifier has the 7-litre capacity. It also comes with detachable water tank for easy on-site cleaning.

It comes with UF Filtration Technology which is Ultra Filtration. UF is Technology which removes harmful macro-organism like bacteria, viruses, dirt and cysts.Kent Smart Non-ElectricUF Purifier

The best advantage of this Kent Smart water purifier is that it works without electricity. On the other hands, it doesn’t use any chemical like bromine, chlorine, or iodine for the purpose of purification.

Further, it has a very stylish design. You can mount it on the wall very comfortably. The tank of this water purifier is transparent.

Meanwhile, Kent Smart has purification capacity of 1 liter per minute. The actual weight of this Kent smart is 4 kg which is very light weight.

Further it has dimension of 390mm(L)* 285mm(W)* 400mm (H). It is also certified by CE which the organized certificate provides assurance that product has been well tested and according to standard.

kent Smart water purifier comes with one year warranty.



3.Eurogrand Water Purifier

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The third water purifier is from Eurogrand brand. Eurogrand is considered as one of the finest purifier brands.

While talking about Eurogrand water purifier, it has three water purifier Technology installed

Eurogrand Water Purifier

which is RO, UV, and UF. you can purify any kinds of water like ground water, municipal supply water.

It clean and filter your water and remove all dust and make your water 100% healthy.

Further, it has a total storage capacity of 8 liters. It can purify 10-litre water per hour.

The nonbreakable plastic ensures long term durability. The euro grand water purifier is totally leak proof. The water filtered through this is a sweet taste.

The euro grand water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India. It is better than many expensive purifiers regarding water quality. It gives you super water taste.

Meanwhile, Eurogrand water purifier comes with one year warranty.

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4.Kent Wonder 7-Litre 60-Watt RO Water Purifier

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The 4th water purifier is again from Indian brand Kent. Kent is premium brand produces the health related product.

While talking about Kent Wonder water purifier, it has 7 kg water tank capacity. It is powered by smart design. You can mount it on the wall very comfortably. Kent Wonder takes very little space for installation.Kent Wonder 7-Litre 60-Watt RO Water Purifier

Further, Kent Wonder purifier has a detachable and transparent tank which can be easily removed and also clean any anytime without help or technician.

Kent Wonder is powered with RO Technology which helps you to retain natural minerals water by cleaning all dust and harmful organic chemicals from water. It uses TDS Controller to clean water.

Kent Wonder has double purification technology of RO and UF. DOUBLE PURIFICATION even removes small impurities in the water like chemical, bacteria, salts and viruses.

Kent Wonder has purification capacity of 15-litre water per hour which helps you to purify water as fast as much.

Its body is made up of ABS Food grade plastic.The actual weight of this Kent Wonder water purifier is 8 kg.

Further, Kent Wonder came with one-year manufacturer warranty .



5.Blue Star Edge RO + UV Water Purifier

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The fifth water purifier is all the way from blue star brand. Bluestar is well known Indian company produces various kinds of home appliances brand like Ac, freeze, air purifier and others.

Blue Star Edge has a capacity of 6 liters which not only occupy your less wall space, but it also stores enough water for your family.Blue Star Edge RO + UV Water Purifier

It has doubled layer water purification technology. It has RO plus UV purification technology. RO is Technology which removes impurities, microorganism, heavy metals, radioactive matter. On the other hand , UV helps to remove microorganisms such as bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

Blue Star Edge water purifier comes with a touch screen that allows you to control the function of the purifier and further also highlight relevant information such as tank level and filter status.

Meanwhile, it also alerts you about filter change notification that when you have to change your filter.

Furthermore, Blue Star Edge water purifier has high temperature processed carbon which powerfully removes the smell, odor, and volatile.

While talking about maximum capacity, Blue Star Edge can purify 280-litre water per day due to its high efficient RO Membrane.

Blue Star Edge also has data time display setting which allows you to set date and time.

Further, it came with one year warranty by Blue Star India.



6.A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO Water Purifier

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The sixth water purifier is from A.o Smith brand.It is made with super Technology and advances protection.

A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO has 7 stage Technology to purify water thoroughly.A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO also removes harmful things like lead, mercury, bacteria, arsenic, and others toxic chemicals.A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO Water Purifier

It has a total water capacity of 9 liters. It can purify any kinds of water like ground water, borewell water.

Further, A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO came with advance unique patented SSM Technology which improves water purity and taste.

It is very much suitable for wall mounting table top. Further, it displays all operating information for straightforward and intelligent display.

Overall A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO best choice for big family size. It is powered with all latest technology and give you sweet water taste.

Meanwhile, A.O.Smith X7 48-Watt RO came with one year warranty by Aerosmith India.



7.Blue Mount Elite Star Water Purifier

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Another superb water purifier is from blue mount brand. The blue mount is newly entered Indian company produces home appliances product. There is not much goodwill in the market, but it has provided top notch quality water purifier.

Further, it can store 12 liters of purified water. The storage capacity of 12 liters is sufficient for big and medium size family.

One critical thing you have to remember about Blue Mount Elite Star BM51 water purifier, it is made with Alkaline RO+ UF Technology with LED display.Blue Mount Elite Star Water Purifier

It purifies water through 5 stage purification technology including Sediment, Activated carbon, RO, Antioxidant Alkaline+ UF also has TDS Control.

Blue Mount Elite Star BM51 is very much suitable for all kinds of water like Brackish) Tap/Municipal water.

If you don’t know much about alkaline water, then I tell you that, alkaline water is very much needed for our body.It makes our body very healthy and energetic.

Further Blue Mount Elite Star BM51 provide one-year manufacturer warranty.



8.HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

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The 8th water purifier is all the way from Hindustan Unilever Limited which is multinational company produces various products related to home, safety, health and personal uses.

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim has 4 liters. There is no doubt it has minor water storage capacity. But it’s worth it.

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim purified water using 6 stage powerful purification technology. It also has Auto on/off features.

Further, it has advanced alert system which alerts you when there is manual action needed. Whether it water tank empty Akram it water purification completed signal.HUL Pureit Marvella Slim RO Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim wort every small penny so you can go for it without any hesitation.

The water purified by this hul purifier is safer than boiled water.So you don’t need to scarify with your health.

Further, it doesn’t require any maintenance cost and save you up to Rs.2000 per year.

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim water purifier came with one year warranty.



9.Blue Star Stella  RO + UV Water Purifier

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Second, last water purifier is all the way from blue star brand again. The blue star is considered as premium water purifier brand.

Blue Star Stella is superb water purifier. But it is a little bit expensive. It comes ith touch sensors.
Blue Star Stella water purifier has a total capacity of 8.2 liters. It also has hot, cold and
Ambient modes to give you more operating options.Blue Star Stella  RO + UV Water Purifier

Further, it has an auto clean option which cleans your purifier automatically. It also has ultra high TDS removal.

You can directly connect it to home water supply location, and you don’t need to fill water again and again manually. It can also dispense water at the time of power cut.

You can also mount it on the wall but different separate stand.
Further, Blue Star Stella came who with a 1-year warranty.


10.BlueLife Tulips RED Digital RO+UV Water Purifier

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Last but superb water purifier find a place on my list is from blue life company.

It is pure digital RO PlUS UV water purifier. One of the best thing about this water purifBlueLife Tulips RED Digital RO+UV Water Purifierier is the storage tank is entirely made up of Stainless steel.

It is little bit expensive but very innovative, unique and advanced purifier.

BlueLife Tulip’s water purifier entirely removes various impurities like dust, pesticides, arsenic, Florida, Lear, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, and viruses.

Further, it delivers pure and tasty water.

Additionally, BlueLife Tulip has led light notification, purification on/off features, Tank full indication.

Meanwhile, BlueLife Tulips came with one year warranty by blue life.



11.How we have selected our Top 10 List.

You may be curious about how we select our top 10 list. On which criteria I have selected various water purifier.

There are various important things, we have taken care to make of superb list.


Performance is the no one criteria of selecting our top 10 list. We have taken care to every aspect of water purifier which effects it’s performance. There is no doubt performance is crucial things. If water purifier doesn’t perform well, then there is no value of design, price, brand and others things.

Our above list contains top notch performer water purifier from water taste to durability, from quick water purification abilities to better filter qualities.

Technology used.

We also have taken care Technology used to purify water. There are various kinds of Technology used these days for purification like Filtration, RO, UV, UF alkaline and others.

We have selected the water purifier which has used RO, UV, UF and alkaline Technology for purifying water.

Water purifier equipped RO+ UV Considered as the best purifier. Alkaline is very much new impressive water purifier which gives you superb tasty water.


We also have taken of price while making our top 10 list of water purifier. We have selected water purifier Ranging From Rs.4000 to Rs.45000. We also have taken care of your budget. If you don has enough budget then there is also scope for you on our list. All purifier listed here are well tested and established water purifier.

Review by an expert.

we are a team of 10-15 people working hard to help people who don’t have enough information and confused in selecting the right product.

we just help people to make the best decision before purchasing anything ranging from water purifier to smartphone, from Air conditioner to Refrigerator including daily home needs product.

Company’s reputation in the market.

Further, we have also taken care of the reputation and goodwill of company in the market. A company like a blue star, Kent, live pure are considered as top quality water purifier company.


While talking about design segment, our team has also taken care of the design of water purifier. Desigh is not the things you must look out for. Speaking honestly we don’t take so much care of design but little bit we have taken care of design.

water tank storage.

storage depends upon family size that why we selected wide range storage.

Storage is important things. We have selected water purifier having storage of 4 liters to 12-litre water capacity.
If you have a small family, you can go for water tank storage anywhere between5 liter to 7 liters.

if you have a medium and big family, you can select water purifier having storage of 7-12 liter tank.


image of water drop


12.Water Purifier Maintenance Guide.

We have also written a very explained Maintenance Guide which helps you to keep your water purifier clean, maintain and increase long life.

Filter changes.

There is the various filter in a water purifier. Like sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, polishing filter,

You need to change the filter of your water purifier from time to time.

Sediment filter.

Sediment filter needs to be changed out every year. Sediment filter protects dirt to ensure in.

You may think about that it is is mandatory to change sediment filter every year?

Yes. If you don’t change sediment filter every year dirt and slit can reach the RO membrane which can cause not sufficient water purification.

Carbon filter.

After Sediment filter carbon filter is very crucial part of RO System. It needs to be changed every year also.

Carbon filter helps to remove chrome and other chemicals from water. The carbon filter is responsible for over all taste and purity of water.

RO Membrane.

The membrane is designed to enter water through and filter out all harmful instances.

RO filters need to be changed every 2 or 3 years of the period to keep purity level high.

Polishing filter.

Polish filter help to remove any other odor in the water. This is the final stage of purification which ensures you will get outstanding tasty and pure water.

The polishing filter needs to be replaced Evey year to keep purity level high.

That’s all about best water purifier friends. If you have any query or any doubt or any suggestions always feel free to comment below.

Best Water Purifier (2018)
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