Best Toaster in India (2018)

which is the best toaster in india

From the onset of Industrial revolution in the seventeenth century, inventions and discoveries are at its peak. One such discovery that changed the taste bread or loaf was the toaster, which was discovered in 1893 in Scotland.

The heating coils within the steel iron frame of the toasters are designed in such a way to turn the soft, fluffy and raw bread into a brownish, hard and crispy toast. Modern-day toasters come in various sizes and shapes, all depending upon the utility of it. However, one thing is common in most of the toasters and that is the automated pop- up of the toasted bread when they are subjected to an optimum level of heat.

This automation prevents the burning of the bread which is something new addition. However, while choosing a toaster, certain things should always be kept in mind since electronic gadgets are both a boon and a curse.

Before picking up the machine, these following things should always be considered.

Things To Consider Before Buying Toaster in India

best Toaster in India

i. Capacity

Whether you one two bread or four bread to be toasted at a time depends on you. So the number of slots is one of the important factors you will have to see before you a toaster.

ii. Browning settings

You like somewhat turned brown bread or completely turned brown crispy bread? See the browning setting that is always mentioned along with the toast machine you would like to buy. Higher the browning setting is crispier and crunchier your bread will become.

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iii. Removable tray

Now while you are using raw bread, the debris of breadcrumbs are a must within the slot trays. Deposition of the debris leads to improper functioning of the heating plate inside the slot later on. So it’s safe to buy a toaster having a removable tray with much ease.

iv. Independent slot functioning ability

This will earn you super control over your toaster and in addition to that, it is quite beneficial as your power consumption will be lowered. You will be able to operate the slots independently and somehow it sounds like a better option.

v. Self-adjusting guides

If your toaster is occupied with the self-adjusting feature then your bread will even get the heat from the plates. This will make them crispy at all the places on an even scale and hence enhancing the taste of the loaf.

Now, if these are some of the factors to be kept in mind and if the list is almost endless, then it’s quite natural for you to wander for the suggestion. There are numbers of brands of toaster machines and whenever we go to the market, all we need is a clear comparable idea about the machines.

Best Toaster Machines In India

Mainly there are two types of the household toaster, pop- up and oven. Pop up is for normal purposes where you just need to toast the bread. However, ovens are the an advanced form of the pop-up and are provided with both the grill and bake mechanisms.

1. Philips Daily Collection HD2595/09 800 Watt Toaster

The white metallic body gives the toaster a perfect lustrous look. A packed up material with 4 in 1 function settings and pop up mechanism, this toaster is attracting many viewer’s eyes. Philips had set its price at quite a reasonable level which is simply adding more fuel to its alluring persona.Best Toaster Machines In India
• Two pop up slots
• The slots are wide to accommodate thick slices of the bread
• The machine perfectly works on 800 watt which is actually a sign of low power
• Browning level is marked at seven and hence high crispiness
• Provided with a manual stop button so that you can get your toasted bread
according to your desire
• Defrosting and reheat feature is also there.


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2. Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster

White in color, this pop- up toaster has got a somewhat curved edge and oval-shaped top to contradict the square-shaped pop-up slots. It is a multi-feature toaster at a low price which might give you an advantage over the toaster toaster in india
• Two pop up slots.
• Browning level can be varied accordingly.
• Loaded with automated pop- up settings.
• Its outside will remain cool even when the insides are perhaps at 1000 degree
• Power consumption is 750 Watts and the machine will work efficiently.
• Loaded with reheat feature.

3. Morphy Richards AT-201 2-Slice Toaster

The matte white color of this toaster gives a standout look to the single curved corner. With a two years guarantee for the product’s proper working, this toaster is attracting attention towards 5 toaster in india
• Dual pop- up slots for the bread
• The slots are wider for adjusting thick loaf slice
• External cooling capacity is available
• Adjustable browning regulator to 7
• Works on a power consumption of 650 watts
• A cancel function is also there


4. Oster TSSTJC5BBK 800-Watt Toaster

With an exquisite design of silver and black combination, this toster’s toaster is having
killer looks. The top is oval with two rectangular slots. This machine is loaded with
advanced technologies and hence is worth a try.which is the best toaster in india
• Dual pop- up slots with automation.

 High lift mechanism for small heightened bread
• It is loaded with variable adjustable browning properties
• There are two different food toast selection mechanism: toast and banqel
• It is also loaded with a feature, bread jam protection
• Auto center bread feature that allows even toasting of the bread slice
• Removable crumb trays
• Works on a power consumption of 800 watts


5. Philips HD2647/20 1800-Watt 4 Slice Toaster

Philips has introduced the 4 slice toaster in the market with refined black and silver
colored 5 toaster
• 4 slots for bread, either 4 can be used or two at a time
• Automated shut- off
• Browning level-up to 7
• Works on a power consumption rating of 1800 watt
• Provided with defrost and reheat features.


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Best Toaster in India (2018)
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