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The projector can be modern-day cinema hall. You can use the projector for various things. It can be used for watching a movie, for education purpose, classroom use, or for presentation purpose.

After research of more than 9 hours, we have come up with top 10 projectors with detailed specifications and Review including pros and cons.

Here you will find projector having top quality, long durability, and awesome advanced features.

These are the top 10 best projectors in India.


Key Features:-

  • 30000 hrs life long led lamp
  • HD 1920 X 1080 Support & 800 X 480 Native Resolution
  • 1000 : 1 High Contrast Ratio; 120″ Large screen display
  • 1500 Lumen* / 120 Ansi; Direct Play From USB
  • Multiple Interface – HDMI/ VGA / USB / AV / Sd Card / Audio Out
  • Home theater projection from settop box , Dvd, Blue ray & pendrive

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The first projector on my list is from gate is local brand produces projector and other small Electronic product.

While talking about this projector, it has a multi screen, airplay, and dlna.

You can also use Miracast with this projector. It also has 30,000 hours of lifelong Lee lamp.

It has resolution or 1920*1080 and it also supports 800*480 native resolution.

You can use this projector for home also support MIRRORING of the screen. You can use this projector with an android phone. Play your video on your smartphone and stream it via 120-inch large screen which gives you amazing experience like cinema has 1500 lumens brightness.


In Connectivity segments this gate projector support, USB direct play.just plug the pen drive or any USB HDD and you are ready to watch movies. It is made in India product by Indian Brand. Its actual weight is 1 kg which is the average weight of the projectors.

In terms of the warranty, it came with a 2-year warranty by egate India.

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2.UNIC UC40 Projector

Key Features:-

  • Play Movies, Video Games or Presentations has image projection upto 130 inchs with 800×480 high resolution, 800 Lumens and 800:1 contrast ratio
  • Has HDMI, AV, USB Ports
  • Can be projected in a large screen upto 130 inch
  • Projection distance 1-3.8 metres
  • Business & Education, Home Theater Projector

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The second projector is from the unic brand. Unic is Korean brand having excellent in quality. It is mini portable projectors.

You can use this unic projector as home theatre or for another presentation Connectivity segments it supports USB, VGA, HDMI is one of the best budget projector currently in India.

Its actual weight is 449 has 800 lumens brightness level.

Further, you can watch or connect it to your DTH like Tata Sky, Airtel or whatever’s it be. Just connect HDMI cable from Tata sky set up the box to the projector and start watching like cinema also has a remote control.UNIC UC40 Projector


You can also connect this projector to your pc, smartphone and watch a movie on the big screen.

You will get a 1-year warranty on this unic projector.

3.BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector

 Key Features:-

  • SVGA (800×600) Resolution
  • ANSI Brightness: 3,200 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 13,000:1 ; PC 3D-Ready /
  • Smart Eco Power Saving Technology; Up to 10,000 Hours Long Lamp Life
  • Filter Free, One-key auto-adjustment. No HDMI port

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The third projector on my list is from BenQ brand. It is very famous electronic brand having operated across the world.

While talking about this BenQ projector, it has 3200 lumens brightness. Further, it supports full HD resolution of 1080 pixel.

Further, it is powered by smart eco Technology which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power savings by delivering the-the best contrast and brightness performance.

It also has the eco mode which allows you to a blank screen when you want to take a break from the movie, presentation. Control remote is also available with this projector.

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BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector

You can use this projector for various purposes like smart class, watching movies or for the official presentation. You can also watch of games visuals on this projector. Meanwhile, it comes with the 2-year warranty by BQ India.

4.Egate P513 LED Projector

Key Features:-

  • LED LCD projector
  • 40000 hours life long LED lamp
  • HD 1920 x 1080 support and 1280 x 800 native resolution
  • 2000:1 high contrast ratio
  • Direct play from USB
  • Multiple Interface: 2 HDMI, VGA, 2 x USB, AV and audio out
  • Professional projector for home education office

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The 4th projector is again from an egate brand. This is a led LCD projector. It has 40000 hours of lifelong led camp.

In terms of resolution, it has 1920*1080 resolution and 1280*800 native resolution. It also has 2000:1 high contrast ratio.

Further, you can just play USB and start playing the movie directly from the Connectivity segments, it has 2 HDMI port, VGA, 2 USB port, av and audio output.

It can enable you to watch a movie in 210-inch screen display which is an amazing experience. Its actual weight is 2.9 kg.ot is operated on Android operating system.

Egate P513 LED Projector

You can watch a movie at daylight also but for better viewing, you have to watch a movie in dark room or at night. You can also mount this projector on the ceiling for better viewing.

You will get a 2-year warranty on this egate projector.

5.Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector

                    Key Features:-

  • Projection Size:35~280 inches,Distance 1.2~8.5m
  • Resolution:Native 1280*800P, compatible to 1080P
  • Brightness:3200 Lumens
  • Keystone Correction:With ±15°(vertical)

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The fifth projector is from Vivi bright brand. It is excellent portable projector having long-term durability and performance.

It has projection size of 35 to 280 inches. And it can cover a distance of 1.2 Meyer to 9 meters. In terms of video quality, it supports 1080 pixel.full HD video.

Further, it has 3200 lumens brightness. Its actual weight is 3.4 can also play normal 3d video with this vivi bright projector.

Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector

Meanwhile, you can also connect this projector to your TV setup box and operate DTH through the projector. You can also connect 5.1 home theatre with this projector without having any kinds of problems.

It has 20000 hours or lamp life. In warranty segments, it will provide a 1-year warranty.

6.Epson EB-X31 Home Projector

key features:-

  • Boasting stunning brightness of up to 3,200 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 15000:1,
  • The iProjection application enables a wireless connection for projecting images and files from your smart devices,
  • Deliver powerful presentations anywhere in the room. The easy-to-use sliding Horizontal Keystone Adjuster means screen corrections can be done quickly, easily and accurately, even in a limited space,
  • With a wide-ranging interface, you can choose from a variety of connection methods including HDMI, VGA and LAN,
  • With the control of a host PC, up to 50 terminals can be connected via the multi-PC projection to a single projector.

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The sixth projector on my list is all the way from Epson brand. I think Epson doesn’t need any is very famous and has produced top-notch quality projector, printer, and other official and home-based electronics products.

This Epson EB-X31 projector is very much suitable for home will give you amazing home theatre experience.further, it has 3200 lumens of can also use it for a powerful presentation.

With a wide range interface, and you can choose a variety of Connectivity method including HDMI, VGA, and LAN.

Epson EB-X31 Home Projector

Meanwhile with the help of host pc, up to more than 50 ñ
terminals can be connected via the multi pc projector to single projector.

You will get 2-year warranty by Epson.

7.Finicky World Projectors

Key features:-

  • Image System: TFT LCD
  • Brightness: 1200 lumens
  • Maximum Resolution: 1080p, Lamp: LED (20K hours)
  • Weight:1.4kg.
  • connection:Laptop,computers.

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The seventh projector is from finicky world supports full HD resolution of 1080 pixel.

Further, this finicky world projector has 20000 hours of lamp is very lightweight projector having the actual weight of 1.4 kg. You can also add a sound system or home theatre with this finicky world projector.

You can also connect this projector to the laptop and watch a movie on the big screen. If you are thinking about that you can connect TV set up box or.not? Then I want to tell you that TV set up box can easily be connected to this projector.

Finicky World Projectors

If you are school owner or any office bearers them you can use this projector for office presentation or school presentation.

It will provide a 1-year warranty.

8.Vmoni Mini LED Corded Projector

Key Features:-

  • 120inch Big screen home cinema
  • Super Color technology
  • High-quality multi-chip coated optional lens
  • connect with ur smartphones, laptop and Tab via Wifi

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The eighth projector is from flying birds brand. It is mini portable projector having excellent performance and long-term durability.

Further, it has 50000 hours of lamp capacity. It has projection size of 10 to 100 inch which is very good personal home theatre system uses. It is very lightweight having a trial weight of 880 gram.

Vmoni Mini LED Corded Projector

For better sound and experience it also has an inbuilt speaker. you can also connect 5.1 theatre system with this projector. It provides a 1-year warranty.

9.Buyerzone Portable Projector

Key Features:-

  • Built in speaker
  • Main product dimensions: 170x80x145mm (L x W x D)
  • 1080P 800×480 Resolution
  • Display Tech: LCD + LED lamp
  • Micro SD Card up to 32GB

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Second, the last projector is all the way from Boyzone is not famous as another brand.bitnit has produced very qualitative projector.

Particularly talking about this projector, it portable projector having various advanced features. It supports full HD resolution of 1080 pixel. It is very much budget projector
You can’t compare this to an expensive projector looking its price.

It supports various media format like MPEG, AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3 and almost all kinds audio and video formats. Further, it also supports memory card up to 32 GB.

Meanwhile, this Buyerzone projector ala has a various port for better external has micro SD card slots, USB port, VGA port, TV coaxial.

Buyerzone Portable Projector

It is very much suitable for classroom presentation, home theatre, and power point presentation.

It came with a 1-year warranty.

10.ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector

Key Features:-

  • Super Color technology delivers superior, richer colors, Up to 3300 ANSI lumen brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio for clear viewing even in brighter settings, 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI input, Choice of 5 view settings for a variety of usage scenarios
  • Enhanced sound with enlarged speaker chamber and a powerful amplifier
  • Intuitive interface includes tactile keypad, top lamp door, and optional cable management system
  • Industry Leading Warranty: 3 years limited on parts and labor, 1 year on lamp, and free 1st year Express Exchange
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 (native), Throw Distance: 3.3 – 32.8 ft. / 1.0 – 8.0 m, Throw Ratio: 1.86~2.04:1
  • Throw Ratio: 1.86~2.04, Throw distance: 1.0m – 8.0m

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The last projector is from view sonic is totally worth a money projector having 3300 lumens brightness, native, SVGA 800*600 resolution and excellent user-friendly design.

Further, this view sonic projector also has 3d blue ray ready HDMI input, choice of 5 viewing setting for various usage scenario.

It has light source life of 5000 hours which is not.good compared to others projector. But except this cons another feature is excellent. So if you are searching for a mid-range budget projector having all types of feature then you can go for it.

ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector

In Connectivity segments, it has 3.5mm audio jack, 1 HDMI ports, 2 VGA ports, 1 USB port for external connection.

It will provide 1-year warranty by view sonic.

How Have We Selected Top 10 Projector?

How Have We Selected Top 10 Projector?

I know there may be a doubt or question popping in your mind regarding how we have finalized the list of the best projector in India. And yes you are right.

As per our transparency policy, we declare everything for our readers. Now coming to point, we have taken care of various important and relevant factor while finalizing our list of the best projector in India.

Below are the few main points which have affected our list of top 10 projectors.

1.Connectivity options.

1.Connectivity options.

Connectivity is the heart of any you not able to connect so many external devices to projector them projector is not worthy these days.

Days are the gone when you were inserted vs or DVD ROM to play or watch movies through projector.

Now new and advanced invention has taken place.

We have chosen the projector which supports almost all kinds of Connectivity gear s like USB, HDMI, VGA, TV setup box Connectivity. All listed above projector in our list support the mentioned Connectivity options. So you don’t need to worry about external connectivity part.

2.The screen of the projector.

2.The screen of the projector.

No doubt screen is very major part of.the projector. So obviously we have taken very seriously while choosing our list.

We have only selected the projector which gives you an awesome movie watching or presentation experience.

We have also taken care of the distance and aspect ratio of the projector. So that you can watch a movie on the big screen. The projector listed above can be played on big screen.loke cinema hall.


Brand matters and that’s why we have Alen care of brand factor. But talking honestly Brand doesn’t affect our selection process majorly. Because quality and performance was our top selection parameter.

A brand like Epson, Vivi bright, negative consider as the good brand for the projector.

4.Customer review and feedback

Customer review and rating have impacted very effectively on our selection parameter. In the selection process, we have taken of various online portal customer reviews and ratings

We have also taken care of expert feedback.

5.Research and analysis

In the long process of selection, we have also taken care of various online research and analysis conducted from time to time.

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