Best Laptop Under 20000 (January 2018)

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I Think you will agree when I say finding the best laptop under 20000 is not easy. But I almost searched 2 hours to list out the best deal for you.

Do You Believe These days You can find excellent laptop just under 20000? Yes. At this budget price, you can find good laptop very easily with 4 GB RAM, 500GB-1TB Hard disk,15 inch Screen And many others features.

I have researched almost 2 hours to get a list of the best well-tested laptop so you can find best deals. Today I will list ten laptop which is at the price of Rs 20000 and easily available in India. So you cannot find any difficulty in purchasing it.

Under this Post you’ll find:-

  • List of laptops under 20000 with i3 processor.
  • List of all best laptops Between 15000-20000 Rs.
  • List of laptops under 20000 with 4GB RAM.
  • Best mini laptop under 20000.
  • The laptop which can easily be found on Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Best hp laptops under 20000.
  • Best Acer laptop under the price of 20000.
  • Best Samsung Laptop under 20000 in India.

Top 10 Best Laptop under Price of Rs 20000 in India.

NameRAMHard DiskScreen SizePrice
Dell Vostro 15 35584GB500GB15.6 inchCHECK PRICE
HP 245 G5 Notebook4GB500GB14 inchCHECK PRICE
HP 245 G4,P1b38PA4GB500GB14 inchCHECK PRICE
Asus A553SA-XX049D4GB500GB15.6 inchCHECK PRICE
Asus E200HA-FD0004TS2GB32GB11.6 inchCHECK PRICE
Acer Aspire ES1-521 40-L74GB500GB15.6 inchCHECK PRICE
Lenovo Ideapad 110 80T7008JIH4GB50015.6 inchCHECK PRICE
Acer ES1-531-P5GU NX.MZ8SI.0444GB500GB15.6 inchCHECK PRICE

 Top 10 Best Laptop under Price of Rs 20000 in India.


1.Dell Vostro 15 3558


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If you are searching for Best Dell laptop under 20000, then it’s done deal.

It is on my first list because of various things like brand value, storage, RAM, and others features. It IS very decent laptop within 20000 range. It will not disappoint you. There is enough memory storage, so you don’t have to bother about any other external storage devices.

It comes with 4GB RAM which can be expandable up to 8GB Very easily.and 500GB Hrad disk storage. You don’t need to bother much about processor as it comes with Intel 5th generation processor.

You can call it notebook type laptop, Which is very useful for everyday use. Battery backup of this model is also very decent. It will give you a backup up to 3.5 hours. The power supply of this device is 45 W AC Adapter. It comes with four cell battery.

It also has Intel HD graphic processor so you can play any types of the game without lagging. Regarding clock speed of this laptop, I t has 1.7 clock speed of the processor. It also has a mic in and various slots like VGA Port,2USB Port, three I n one card reader slot. As mentioned earlier it has 15.6 inch HD screen which I think is enough for a personal laptop.

While talking about connectivity features, It has the wireless connectivity of IEEE 802.11ac and Bluetooth version 4.0. You can also install your windows through DVD and CD Drive. You can also do video calling through this device as it has very handy HD Webcam.

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 2.HP 245 G5 Notebook 

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best laptop under 20000 in india

I have put it on 2nd of my list. Everyone knows HP is one of the top 5 laptop manufacturer in the world with billions of customers.

It has 4GB DDR3 RAM which is enough for playing the High Capacity game and installing great software. But Its RAM Can be expandable up to 16 you need not be bothered about lagging and hanging problem. It also has 500GB Hard disk which I think enough for storing a significant amount of your data. You can also expand its storage up to 1000GB.

it has AMD Quad Core Processor which I consider to be excellent but not compared to Intel processor which consider as one of the most advanced processors.

It comes with 14 inches LED Screen display which is pretty good screen size for a personal laptop. You can travel quickly with this type of screen size.

It comes with various types of color like black, gray and red. So you have liberty to choose as per your choice. Regarding processor speed, it has 2GHZ Clock speed which is better than any laptop. You can also install any window in this device. It has DOS which means Disk operating system. Either you can run window XP, window 7, window 8 or window 10. and it supports both 32bit and 64 Bit Windows.

Its weight is approximately near 1.8 kg . for more connectivity features it has three port for USB, HDMI, and pen drive uses. It is equipped with Bluetooth, WIFI Features, and DVD Writers. You can also watch movies by inserting CD or DVD Drive.

You can also do Video calling as it has Very great HD Web Cam. Battery backup is also excellent, Which gives a backup up to 4.5 hours. If you want to put battery as per your choice, then you can do it as it is removable batter.

It supports every kind of Microsoft Office product like MS-OFFICE, MS-POWER POINT, MS EXCEL.MS ACCESS, M S-WORD.

You can also play the large game in this laptop like GTA Vice City, Call of Duty, Black Ops 2 and others.

it also Supports Various Software Like Tally, SAP,BUSY, NET BEANS JAVA and others.




3.HP 245 G4,P1b38PA 

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HP 245 G4,P1b38PA 


Another Hp laptop finds place in my top best laptop under the price of Rs.20000.

It is quite same as listed above hp laptop but little bit difference. It has powerful 4GB DDR3 AMD A6-6310 Quad Core processor which enough to handle heavy game and software like GTA Vice City, Black Ops 2, San Andreas, NFS – hot pursuit, etc.? and another huge play.

Regarding storage, it has 500GB Hard disk which can be expandable up to 1000GB, and its RAM is expandable up to 16GB. It has four core CPU.

For Handling Heavy game it has Nvidia Graphic processor with LED 14 inch HD dISPLAY.

it comes with DOS Operating System in which you can install any Windows like Windows XP, Window 7, Window 8 and Window 10.

While talking about connectivity features, it has Dvd writer, Bluetooth, WiFi, webcam. It has 3 Slot for USB, Card Reader, and Pen drives features.

It comes with various color like Black, Grey, Red. It has 1080 pixel screen resolution. You can also watch movies through DVD or CD. it can also work excellent For Virtual PC.

You can install MS-OFFICE, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT. It is the very light weight of just 1.8kg so you cannot face any difficulty in carrying it. Battery backup of this laptop is also exquisite which can last up to 4.5 hours. It has a removable battery, so you don’t face any difficulty in removing it.

It also has 2 RAM slot, and one slot has default 4GB Preset RAM. It has HD Webcam for doing video calling. Processor speed of this laptop is 1.8 clock speed.

RJ45 Port is also available in this Hp laptop.

You can install and run various software very quickly like Tally, SAP, BUSY, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and others professional software. It can also handle multiple multi-tasking like Programming, video/image rendering facility.

Regarding talking about the power supply, it has 65 Watts Smart AC Adapter and three cell battery. It has very horizontal quick gesture touchpad two-finger scroll and pinches pad. It comes with a one-year warranty which can be availed at any HP Service center across India.

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4.Asus A553SA-XX049D

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Asus A553SA-XX049D


Another Gem in my list is Asus A553SA. If you don’t know about ASUS, i will be happy to inform you that ASUS is one of the TOP 5 Laptop and PC Manufacturer of the WORLD.

I love its hardware quality. No one beat where quality matters.

Rather than Talking about Asus brand I am jumping to its particular features friends.

It is 15.6 inch LED Display Laptop. It is equipped with 4GB RAM and can be expandable up to 16GB so you need not worry about lagging and hanging problem while overusing or playing huge games. IT HAS 500GB Hard disk storage which can be expandable up to 1000GB or 1TB.

You can play any kinds of the massive game without handing problem like GTA Vice City, NFC Hot Pursuit, Black ops2.


It comes with DOS which means Disk Operating System so that you can use any window version like window 8.1 and window 10. DOS Menas it comes without the pre-installed window, so you have to install window.

It has Intel Quad Core 5th Gen N3700 Pentium processor which has 1.6GHZ Clock speed. For connectivity, it has 1 USB 2.0 Ports, one USB 3.0 pORTS,1 HDMI Ports, and 1 Microphone ports.

It also has DVD Writer. It has inbuilt WIFI and Bluetooth features. You can also UPDATE it to i3. for doing video calling, it also has HD Web camera.

Its actual weight is 1.9kg. You can also operate Auto Cad in this device. While talking about battery backup, it lasts for 3-4 hours very quickly.

It comes with the one-year warranty, and it can be availed any service center across India. So you need not worry about service. Its thousands of service center in India.


5.Asus E200HA-FD0004TS 

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another Asus laptop is on my list, not because of it is quality but because of it has got good feedback from its users.

To be fair, I call this model notebook rather than a full laptop. But I included because of good performance.

It comes with 1 Year Full Version Free Subscription to MS-Word, Ms-Excel, outlook, MS-Powerpoint, Publisher. It comes with one unique feature in which you will get 1000GB of Cloud Storage Where You can save all your data online and can access from anywhere.

rather than stretching up I am jumping to the detail feature friends.

It has 2GB DDR3 RAM which I think is enough to handle the heavy software. But it has one drawback that it comes with only 32GB Hrad disk(But do not worry You will get 500GB of Web storage free for 2 Years. where you can store all your data online). It comes with 1.44 GHZ intel atom qUAD CORE processor Which can handle all your daily computer needs.

Its screen size is 11.6 inch. It is very light weight notebook which is just 0.98KG. While talking about OS, it comes with pre-installed window 10 OS.

While talking about Power Performance, It will give you up to 5-7 Hours of battery backup.

It has also WIFI, Bluetooth,multi-user MIMO feature. In regarding port, it has 1 USB 2.0 Ports and 1 USB 3.0 Port.

It also comes with one year Asus India Warranty. There is Thousand of Asus Service center in India so you not need to worry about service center.

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6.Acer Aspire ES1-521 40-L7 

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Another number comes of Acer. no doubt you have heard about this company name. acer is worlds top 10 electronics manucturerer. so you not need to worry about brand.

Jumping into detail features friends, It has powerful APU DUAL CORE PROCESSOR. Regarding talking about storage, it comes with 1000GB or 1TB Hard disk, which is enough for personal and family use.

Its actual screen size is 15.5 inch LED Display. It has 4GB DDR3 Ram which prevents your laptop from hanging and lagging problem.

It is very suitable for everyday use, or you can call it commercial everyday use laptop. Its battery backup is also good which last up to 4 hours of backup.

it has Nvidia GT 640M graphic processor which is suitable for Playing Large Game Like GTA VICE CITY, BLACK OPS2, NFC HOT PURSUIT and others.

it comes with Ubuntu pre-installed operating system, but you can install window 7 or 8 or window 10 in it.

While Talking about Connectivity features, it has Wireless Lan IEEE 802.11b/g/n,Bluetooth version 3.0,ethernet. it also has DVD CD Writer.

you can also do video calling from this laptop as it has 0.3 megapixels HD Webcam.

You can use software like Tally, SAP, BUSY, PHOTOSHOP, and others Daily Needs and professional software in this device.

It comes with one year Acer India Warranty. You do not face any difficulty regarding service center as there is thousand of acres service in India.


 7.ASUS X540SA-XX004D

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Another Asus brand finds place on my list. But it has more features than the previous model.

It is 15.6-inch screen size laptop. It also has 4GB DDR3 RAM which you can expand up to 16GB. while talking about storage; it comes with 500GB Hard disk expandable up to 1TB.

It has 1.6 GHZ Dual core processor Which is not bad at price of 20,000. Its actual weight is 2 kg.

it also has DVD/CD Drive by wich you can watch Movie by inserting DVD Drive or can install windows Through DVD Writer.

It comes with FREE DOS. Which means you have to install windows by yourself or shopkeeper can do this for you.

You can play various massive Game like GTA Vice City, Blackops2, and others. You can also use different software like Tally, SAP, BUSY,

Regarding connectivity features, it has WIFI, BLUETOOTH, WIRELESS LAN. its webcam is also useful for video calling which is equipped with HD WEBCAM.

Battery backup is decent which can last up to 2-3 Hours while surfing the internet and 4-5 hours while watching a movie.

It comes with one year warranty which can be availed at any service center in India. You don’t need to worry about service center there is hundreds of service center in every city across India.

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8.Lenovo Ideapad 110 80T7008JIH 

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I think you are well familiar with Lenovo brand. It is one of the fasting growing electronics brand in the world. You have also heard the news that IBM which is world’s most old computer manufacturer has been taken over by LENOVO.

if you are searching for Lenovo laptop at the price of 20,000 then this the best laptop which you can find.

it mainly focuses on mobile and laptop products.

While talking about its features, it has 4GB DDR3 RAM. Regarding storage, it has 500GB Hard disk storage. Screen size is 15.6 inch which I think is enough for personal use.

it has an intel Celeron dual core 4th generation processor which is enough for playing a high-velocity game like GTA VICE CITY, BLACK OPS2, and others.

It is every day use a commercial laptop. Battery backup is also very decent which last up tp 4 hours.

It supports window 8 and windows ten operating system. Regarding connectivity features, has WIFI, BLUETOOTH, WIRELESS LAN. for video calling it comes with 0.3 Megapixel HD WEBCAM. It also has DVD/CD Writer.

Further more,It has Touchpad which supports Multi-touch Gesture Support. Regarding graphics, it comes with Intel HD Graphics, helps you to play various large games.

It will also run legacy programs like Fox base, WordStar. while talking about software software segments, it supports   MS-OFFICE, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT, PHOTOSHOP, VIDEO/IMAGE EDITING TOOLS.

It comes with one year warranty which can be availed anywhere at Lenovo service center India.




9.Acer ES1-531-P5GU NX.MZ8SI.044 

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Acer ES1-531-P5GU NX.MZ8SI.044 

I have already introduced lot about Acer brand. So now I am directly jumping on its features friends.

it has 4GB DDR3 RAM which can be expandable up to 8GB and 500 GB hard disk which is enough for handling day to day task.

You can also expand its hard disk up to 1000GB.

Its screen size is 15.6 which is pretty good I think. It comes with Intel Dual Core Processor which is 3rd gen processor. It is very suitable for everyday use. While talking about battery backup, its battery last for 4 hours.

It also supports Mic in and RJ45 Port. it also comes with internal mic and speaker. You can also watch a movie through inserting DVD as it has DVD/CD Writer.

you can also play a heavy game like GTA Vice City, black ops2, and others. while talking about connectivity features, it has WIFI, BLUETOOTH, wireless LAN, Ethernet.

it also supports various daily needs software like MS-OFFICE, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWERPOINT, PHOTOSHOP and different video audio editing software.

It comes with one-year warranty. And there is thousands of Acer service center in India, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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 10.ACER Aspire ES1-131-C8RL, NX.MYKSI.009 

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its very suitable for every day use.  it comes with 4GB RAM. while talking ablot storage,  it comes with 500GB Hard disk storage, which can be expandable up to 1000GB. if you are searching for acer laptop under 20000 then its good deal.

It comes with 1.6GHZ Clock 64 BIT speed processor which is DUAL CORE.ACER Aspire ES1-131-C8RL, NX.MYKSI.009 
While talking about connectivity features,  it has WIFI, Bluetooth, DVD/CD Writter.

Its weight is 2.4 kg which I think is a little bit heavy but suitable for traveling carrying. It has 3 USB Port. it supports Microsoft Office 2013 product like MS–FORCE.MS-EXCEL, MS-POWERPOINT.

It also has HD Webcam which is suitable for Video calling. Its screen size is 15.6 inch HD Display.

It also supports huge games like blackops2 and others. You can also install various software like PHOTOSHOP and various other video audio editing tool in it.

it comes with the one-year warranty which you can avail at any Acer service center across India.

That’s all about best laptop under the price of 20000 friends. Let me know if I have forgotten to list any laptop which is right in your points of view. also let me know if you have any doubts or suggestion, always feel free to ask via comment.


Best Laptop Under 20000 (January 2018)
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