Best Home Theater System in India (2018)

I am sure you will agree with me when I say everyone loves music. Home theatre is the best device which gives you the unimaginable music experience. There are tons of home theatre available in India but you know all are not home theatre system

I have seen various complaint regarding the home theatre including low bass, short-term durability, bad speaker quality, average design and many such small but significant problem.

To overcomes this problem our team has researched more than 12 hours and came with the best home theatre system in India with detailed review, key features, and detailed specifications. We have selected 5.1 home theatre system having advanced and long-term durability.

These are the Best Home Theatre System in India

1.Yamaha 1840 Home Theatre 5.1

Key Features:-

  • Yamaha True 5.1 Surround Sound.
  • 4K, Dolby Audio, DTS-HD, Cinema DPS, Compressed Music Enhancer ECO Mode,
  • High Quality Authentic Yamaha Product
  • 4HDMI -IN 1HDMI OUT & FM Radio
  • Weight-19 Kg.
  • 20% less power consumption
  • 4K Ultra HD full support
  • virtual surround sound with 5 speakers in front

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First home theatre on my list is all the way from Yamaha brand. Yes, you heard right Yamaha brand. Maybe you don’t hear before that Yamaha also produced the home theatre system. Yes, this is one of the best home theatre available in India.

While talking about its features, it is 5.1 home theatre having excellent Dolby sound which gives you awesome sound experience. It also has 4K ultra HD Support.

The virtual cinema front of this Yamaha home theatre gives you virtual surround sound with excellent 5 speakers in front. It is also compatible with 3D, audio return channel, and CEC for easy operation.

In Connectivity segments, Yamaha yet 1840 the home theatre has various Connectivity options like HDMI, blue ray player, 3.5mm jack.

Further, it provides the 1-year warranty.

Yamaha 1840 Home Theatre 5.1

            Doubt Clearance

Q. Can i Play with Blue Ray Player?

Ans:- Yes, it has has HDMI inputs and YES the Blu-Ray player will work 100% with 4k support also.

Q.Can we add a sub-woofer?

Ans:- subwoofer is part of the package. However you can add an active subwoofer to enjoy great bass experience. This is possible as subwoofer pre out jack is available on the YHt-1840 home theatre.

Q.Can i connect it to my laptop?

Ans:- Yes, You can connect it with laptop or pc as it is compatiable with 3.5mm Jack.

Q. Can i Connect it to TV?

Ans:- Yes, You can easily connect this YTH-1840 Home theatre  to any TV using HDMI or RCA cables.

2.Sony HT-IV300

Key Features:-

  • 1000 WattsRMS output power.
  • NFC & Bluetooth
  • USB- Multi format playability.
  • 5.1 channel surround sound Home Theatre System.
  • Supports DTH set top Box & Blu-ray player.

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Second home theatre system is all the way from Sony brand. Sony doesn’t need any introduction is one of the top Electronic product manufacturers in the world.

Sony HT-IV300 is one of the top-notch quality home theatre having tons of advanced features. It supports NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.
Powered with USB multi-format playability. It is 5.1 speaker system surrounded by 5 front speakers.

Further, it also supports DTH set-top box and blue ray player. Please with 1000 Watt output this Sony home theatre system will turn your room into a personal theatre.

You can play from smartphone, Bluetooth, NFC or can play multi-formats. The length of the wire of the back surround is 5 meters which are good In terms of personal room.

It also provides 1-year warranty by Sony India.

Sony HT-IV300

                   Doubt Clearance:-

Q. is it dolby digital system???

Ans:-Yes. it has dolby digital sound.

Q.Can we screen mirror any android phone with this home theatre?

Ans:- Yes with Cable,NFC and bluetooth.

Q.Does This Work With Set-Top Box?

Ans:-Yes, it has HDMI Port Available Which Work Fine With Set-tp box.

Q.Can i Connect with PC?

Ans:- Yes You can connect this home theatre with pc wihout facing any problem.

3.Samsung HT-J5100K

Key Features:-

  • Powerful bass for a big sound boost
  • Transcendent sound with Crystal Amp Pro
  • Balance your sound your way
  • Watch TV in surround sound instantly
  • Features: Karaoke scoring, fanfare, key control, microphone with music USB record, CD ripping, TV sound, USB recording (Data disc to USB), quick start mode
  • Connectivity: Anynet+, ARC
  • FM tuner
  • Total Power: 1000W

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The third home theatre is from Samsung brand. Samsung is one of the top 10 electronic products manufacturers brand in the world.

While talking about this Samsung HT-J5100K home theatre, it is 5.1 sound system.

For boosting sound this Samsung home theatre has excellent powerful Bass which gives you an image enable sound experience.

Additionally, it also has various types of features like karaoke scoring, key control, fanfare. It also has FM tuner.

Samsung HT-J5100K is specially designed to deliver excellent bass. You will enjoy the powerful sound that will make you feel like you are watching at the cinema.

This Samsung home theatre also provides 1-year warranty by Samsung India.

Samsung HT-J5100K

                Doubt Clearance:-

Q.does it comes with blueray?

Ans:- Yes.

Q.Does it support all video formats?

Ans:-It support most of the industry standard Video formats.

Q. What is the size of the Sub-Woofer?

Ans:-12 inches from top to bottom .

Q.can i play song via card reader?

Ans:- you can play song via pendrive or card has an usb port . this digital optical port?

Ans:-Yes it does have it .

4.Sony BDV-E3200 Blu Ray Home Theater

Key Features:-

  • Power Output 1000W RMS
  • “Tweeter”, which provides more Vocal Clearly
  • India Sound Setting has ” ClearAudio+” – More Bass, More Loud & More Clear
  • NFC & Bluetooth
  • USB Multiple Format Playable (AVC HD, MP4, MKV, MPEG4,WMV, XVID)
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Sense Of Quartz Design
  • 18cms Sub woofer

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The fourth home theatre is from Sony brand again. This is a second home theatre on my list from Sony.

Sony BDV-E3200 have 5.1 speaker sound system. The front 5 front speaker gives you an excellent sound experience.

It has built-in wifi system which provides you an extra layer of Connectivity. You can play the music or other media files directly through WiFi.

While talking about Connectivity options of this Sony BDV-E3200, it has various Connectivity features like Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi,3.5 mm Jack. It also has HDMI input to connect a smartphone.

The subwoofer has just brilliant sound having 18 cm subwoofer which gives you excellent sound.

One of the best features of this Sony BDV-E3200 we really like is its synchronization capacity with the Sony Bravia TV. You can sync it very easily just by one button with Bravia TV.

Sony BDV-E3200 provides a 1-year warranty on this home theatre.

Sony BDV-E3200 Blu Ray Home Theater

Doubt Clearance:-

Q. Does it support Bravia sync?

Ans:-Yes You can sync this home theatre with Bravia Sony TV.

Q.Does it supports bluetooth and wifi connection from phone?

Ans:- it supports bluetooth and wifi features.

Q. Is it support external hard drive compatibility?

Ans:- Yes, it supports external HDD Up to 2 TB.

Q. Can i connect it to projector and set-top box DTH?

Ans:- Yes you can connect this home theatre with Projector or set top box.

5.Sony BDV-N9200W 3D

 Key Features:-

  • Surround Sound Systems with lighting effect
  • High-resolution Audio Capability
  • Digital Music Arena Mode
  • Virtual Football Mode
  • Bluetooth + NFC + USB (multi format playability) +3D Blu-ray playback
  • NFC One-Touch Mirroring and One Touch Listening
  • Control your music with SongPal Mobile App

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FIFTH home theatre is from Sony brand. There is 3rd Sony model home theatre chosen so far on our list of best home theatre currently available in India.

One of the best Features I really about this model of Sony home theatre is it came with surround sound system with awesome lighting effects.

Equipped with high-resolution audio capabilities it also supports 3D Blu-ray playback.

In Connectivity segments, it supports Bluetooth, NFC, HDMI, and another USB device for better external connectivity.Further, it provides 1-year warranty by Sony India. There are thousands of Sony service center across India so you don’t face any difficulty regarding that part.

Sony BDV-N9200W 3D

Doubt Clearance:-

Q.Can this play MP3 songs from a Pen Drive attached to the USB Port?

Ans:- Yes,absolutely it can play music from pendrive, card reader and others types of usb devices.

Q.Can this be connected with TV??

Ans:-Yes of course via HDMI cable. It is a home cinema sound set.

Q.Does it play bd and dvd of all regions?

Ans:-yes, this home theatre supports BD ,DVD, MP3, MKV,FLV, MPG, 3GP, hard disk, pendrive, bluetooth, NFC, screen mirroring with smart phone.

Q.Does this speaker support 3d surround sound ?

Ans:-it have high resolution audio. it have HD sound, & surround also .

6.LG BH6340H 5.1 channel 3D

Key Features:-

  • Output: 5.1 channel; 1000 watts
  • 3D compatibility: 3D/2D
  • Connectivity: Wired (Ethernet), DLNA(Smart Share)
  • LG Smart TV: Premium contents, LG apps
  • Interface: Audio input (Optical), HDMI (out), Radio (FM), Ethernet, USB
  • Convenience, Smart phone remote app, Sound privacy, SIMPLINK, Mute, A/V sync delay(Audio delay), Dimmer, Sleep, Volume on TV, USB direct recording, External HDD playback, TV sound (direct key), Dynamic range control, Bluetooth

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This is 7th and second last home theatre on my list. Imy personal view LG doesn’t need any introduction. It is world top 5 Electronic brand in the world.

LG BH6340H has 5.1 channel speaker. This LG home theatre is compatible with 3D and 2D sound Technology.

It supports various types of Connectivity options like wired ethernet, smart share Connectivity. You can operate this home theatre with any smart TV including LG smart TV. Further, it also supports HDMI, FM RADIO, smartphone remote app, USB dire r recording.

In terms of disk playability support, it supports BD ROM, DVD, AUDIO CD, and others type media player.

Equipped with advanced and unique features like private sound mode. The private sound mode allows you to home theatre sound or music to your smartphone via WiFi.

The wire cable length is 6 Metre which is very much suitable for the personal room.

LG BH6340H came with a 1-year warranty by LG India.

LG BH6340H 5.1 channel 3D

Doubt Clearance:- it having Bluetooth, or can v connect our phone wireless to play music? Ans:-yes it is having bluetooth connectivity. Q.can we attach it with LG TV? Ans:-Yes. I have LG smart TV and it can be connected via various input options like optical cable, ARC,HDMI or AV input. It works well woth all options.

Q.Is this ok for sony bravia 4k smart TV?Ans:-Yes, this HOME THEATRE will function with any smart TV using optical cable

7.Samsung HT J5550K

Key Features:-

  • High quality surround sound from your TV
  • Wirelessly access your devices and the internet
  • Standby Power Consumption: 0.5W
  • Operating Power Consumption: 49W
  • Tallboy speaker with passive subwoofer, 2-way front, full range center and surround speakers
  • Special Feature: USB recording (Data disc to USB), CD ripping, TV sound on, network service, FM recording (to USB)

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The seventh home theatre is from Samsung brand again. This model is different from Above two model home theatre from Samsung brand.

Samsung HT J5550K has various new advanced features. This also 5.1 home theatre system. It has tallboy speaker with passive subwoofer, 2-way front.

Its also excellent special features like direct USB recording, CD ripping, FM RADIO also has Bluetooth, HDMI for more Connectivity features. You can also connect it to PC without any problem. You can also play music from a smartphone.

It will provide 1-year warranty by Samsung India.

Samsung HT J5550K

Doubt Clearance:-

Q.Is there blueetooth ?

Ans:-Yes, There is Bluetooth function in this samsung home theatre.

Q.Is possible to connect to pc?

Ans:- Yes, you can connect this home theatre with pc very easily.

Q.Is compatible with smart tv other than samsung smart tv?

Ans:- Yes. You can connect any smart tv with this home theatre.

Q. Can i play music from smartphone?

Ans:- Yes. you can play music from any smartphone.

Main Things to Consider Before Buying A Home Theater System

I know main points of buying anything is your budget. Your selection depends upon your budget and various others things.

Other than budget your selection also depends on your room size where you are going to install the home theatre system. So you also have to consider the room.size when buying home theatre.

Though the size of the TV does not have a direct impact on the choice of a home theater system, it does make a difference. The minimum TV size for enjoying a good home theater experience is about 42 inches.

Other than room size, your budget and.other things, You also need to decide how many speakers you need in the home theater set up. Again a 5.1 channel system is a good choice and anything higher is even better.

How to Choose the right Home Theater System?

1.No. of Speakers

How to Choose the right Home Theater System?

The first thing you have to decide is how many speakers you want to have in your home theatre. No of the speaker also depends upon various factor like the room size, the usage of the home theatre.

whether you will go in for a 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or more speakers. If you are on a tight budget you may even consider a 4.1 speaker home theater system. If you are not aware of the convention, a 5.1 speaker home theater system has 5 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer unit. Similarly, a 4.1 has four satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer, and a 7.1 has seven satellites and one subwoofer.

In the above list, we have only listed the best 5.1 speaker system. 5.1 is considered one of the best setting for personal home theatre.



The second thing you have to consider is the Connectivity of the home theatre.

Since you will be mainly watching video content and the home theater system will connect to that content, you have to be very sure about what all your home theater system will accommodate. It should definitely have a satellite channel cable coming into it and outputting into the TV.

There must be provision for a DVD player or a gaming console and of course a USB port for a pen drive or an external hard drive. These types of Connectivity is must have a thing in any home theatre system.


These days TV is coming in full HD and or as a smart TV. For this, you need HDMI cable support, optical cable Support, USB port Support.

Look carefully whether the home theatre you are buying is providing these cable support or.not?

That’s all about Best Home Theatre in india friends. if you have any question or doubts or any suggestion , always feel free to comment below.

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Best Home Theater System in India (2018)
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