Best Gas Stove in India (2018)

After research and hard work, and long hours of analysis our Team has come up with best gas stove currently in India.

The gas stove listed here are having top notch quality and long-term durability with ?% safety.

gas stove front img

There is no doubt gas stove is a major part of your kitchen. The Technology has advanced and new amazing invention has been taken In Kitchen appliances segments.

Here you can find top 10 has stove In India with detailed specifications and where to buy.we have taken utmost care of various factors including quality, brand, safety majors, and various others factors while choosing best gas stove.

Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India

1.Sunflame CT Hob 3 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features:-

  • CT (Counter Top) hob with burners ideally suited for Indian cooking
  • Three high efficiency forged brass burners including 1 super big burner (Burner Dimension : 85 mm x 85 mm x 68)
  • Stylish and sleek yet sturdy counter top hob, Vitreous enameled skirting
  • Euro coated pan supports, Stainless steel drip trays

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The first gas stove is all the way from the sun flame brand. Sunflame is Indian premier kitchen appliances brand. It has produced top-notch quality gas stove and other small kitchen tools.

While talking about this sun flame gas stove, it is 3 burner gas stove having 3 burners.

This has stove is specially made for Indian cooking. It has top counter Hun with burners ideally best for India recipes.

Equipped with 3 high-efficiency brass burners, it came with euro coated pan Support.

Apart from the brass burner and excellent quality, this summer flame has stove is fully scratch proof and stain proof.

Normally pan of the gas stove has a habit of chipping off. But this sun flame gas stove came with euro coated pan which prevents it from chipping off.
Further, it is auto ignition gas stove.

Overall this summer flame has stove is worth of money. You can’t expect more than this in the price range of 6000. It provides 1-year warranty by sun flare.

Sunflame CT Hob 3 Burner Gas Stove

 Doubt Clearance?

Q.Does this stove work with gas pipeline?

Answer:- Yes This Sun Flame Gas Stove Work With Both Kinds of Gas Connectivity Like LPG and PNG Pipelines.

Q. is This Stove Have Auto Ignition or Manual Ignition?

Ans:- This is a Auto ignition gas stove.

Q. is it Like a Regular Gas Stove?

Ans:- Yes, This a Very much Like Regular Gas Stove having Excellent Quality and Awesome Design.

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2.Glen Aluminium 2 Burner Cooktop

     Key Features:-

  • Easy to clean, toughened glass top and rich matt steel body
  • 4 mm thick pan supports and matt steel drip tray and spacious, two burner
  • Aluminium alloy burners for longer life
  • Color: Black, Material: Aluminium
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Cooktop

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Second has stove is all the way from Glen brand. Glen brand Is one of the most premier kitchen appliances having top notch quality product.

While talking about this Glen has a stove, it is 2 burner gas stove having an aluminum burner. It is made up with rich mat steel body.

This Glen has stove is very easy to clean.

It has 1 big burner and 1 small burner which is suitable cooking for 5-10 people.

This Glen has stove is LPG compatible. But if you want to convert it into png compatible then you need to contact customer service center and they will do the job for you.

The design is very stylish and has a small size. It came with a 2-year warranty by Glen India.

Glen Aluminium 2 Burner Cooktop

   Doubt Clearance

Q. What Types of Glass Does This Gas Stove Has?

Ans:- This Gas Stove has 6 mm thick toughen glass.

Q. What is The Size of The Burner?

Ans:- it has 1 Big Burner and 1 Small Burner.

Q.Where is The gas pipe nozzile location?

Ans:- Gas pipe nozzle is on Back side and Nozzle has also 360 degree rotation facility.

Q. Does it has Auto Ignition?

Ans:- No It Doesnt Have. it has Manual ignition hose pipe end behind .

Q. it support PNG Pipeline Connection or Not?

Ans:- Yes. This Gas Stove Support Both LPG and PNG Connection. But For Connection You have To Contact Glen Customer Care and They Will Send Technician Within 48 Hours To Deal With this.

3.BlackPearl Glass 4 Burner Manual Gas Stove

Key Features:-

  • Minimum Efficiency of 68.5 percent. Make your kitchen an environment freidly kitchen
  • Tri pin brass burner for efficient gas flow
  • Sturdy metal base made up of high quality magnetic steel
  • Easy to maintain stainless steel driptray
  • Sturdy pan support; 7mm thick toughened glass
  • Strong bakelite knobs; Certified with ISO 9001:2008

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3rd has stove is from black pearl brand. Black pearl is considered as top kitchen appliances brand.

This black pearl gas stove has 4 burners of you are searching for 4 burner gas stove then this will be a perfect deal for you.

Basically, has stove has the problem of gas flow. I have seen various branded has a stove which doesn’t have efficient gas flow. To overcome this problem this black pearl stove comes with trip pin brass burner which provides you efficient gas flow.

Additionally, it also has a nonmagnetic body and rust free body. Its nozzle is placed in the Sid of ignition and has a rotational nozzle. This is suitable for LPG but you can convert it to PNG connection. For this, you have to contact customer service support.

This black pearl gas stove comes with 1-year warranty.

BlackPearl Glass 4 Burner Manual Gas Stove

    Doubt Clearance:-

Q. is this product is approved by ISI?

Ans:- Yes, This Gas Stove is Approved By ISI.

Q. Where is Nozzle Located?

Ans:- Nozzle is Located opposite side of the ignition and it is Fully Rotation.

Q.Does it Support PNG?

Ans:- Yes, it support LPG AND PNG Both types of Gas Connection.

4.Prestige Royale Plus Aluminium 2 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features:-

  • Toughened glass from Germany
  • Tri pin burners
  • Italian sabaf valve
  • Ergonomic knob design
  • Individual pan support
  • Color: Black, Material: Aluminium, Shape: Rectangle
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Gas Stove
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on product and Life time warranty on glass

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The fourth gas stove is from prestige brand. Prestige is a very good Indian kitchen appliances brand. It produces various appliances like cooker, river Coker, and others kitchen product.

Prestige Royale Plus is 2 burner gas stove. The 1-year is made up of aluminum. It also has Italian sabaf valve and ergonomic konb design.

It also has tri pin which ensures the has efficient gas flow. The gas inlet is on the back side of the gas stove.

One thing you have to remember is it is not an automatic ignition gas stove.

Further, you will get a 2-year warranty on product and lifetime warranty on glass.

Prestige Royale Plus Aluminium 2 Burner Gas Stove

Doubt Clearance:-

Q.Where is Gas inlet Placed?

Ans:- The Gas inlet is placed on the Back side.

Q. it is Auto or Manual ignition?

Ans:- it has Manual ignition.

5.Supercook ISI marked 2 burner HQ SS Gas Stove DS01v

Key Features:-

  • 0.5 mm superb quality Stainless Steel
  • ISI certified product; ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company; Please message us before dispatch if you need a PNG pipeline variant
  • 140 + 110 g Brass Burner Set; 80 g Mixing tube set
  • 570 X 290 X 60 mm Commander Body
  • 24 Months Warranty; Best look and shining

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Fifth gas stove on my list is from supercook brand. It is considered as worldwide famous cooking appliances brand.

It has two burners. It supports both LPG and png has a connection. But you have to first choose which variant you want to buy. If you want to buy png variant then message the seller if you want LPG variant then you don’t need to do anything. Default LPG connection variant will be delivered to you.

The main problem faced by people with has stove is flame is wrongly distributed along the side of the burner. To overcome this problem this supercook has stove has tri pin.

Further, this super cook gas stove is glass top model which looks very attractive. It is made up of 0.5 mm thick stainless steel which makes it free from any kind of stain.

Further, you will get a 2-year warranty on this product.

Supercook ISI marked 2 burner HQ SS Gas Stove DS01v

Doubt Clearance:-

Q. is it support LPG?

Ans:- Yes. This Gas Stove support PNG and LPG Both.

Q. Does it has Steel Body?

Ans:-Yes it has Full Stainless Steel Body.

6.Glen 4 Burner Glass – Alda

Key Features:-

  • Toughened glass top
  • Four burners with aluminium alloy burners for longer life
  • Rich matt steel body
  • 4 mm thick pan support
  • Stainless steel drip tray

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This is having 4 burner gas stove with excellence in quality and long-term durability.

It has various features like glass top, aluminum alloy burner, rich Matt steel body, 4 mm thick pan support.

This gas stove keeps away from any kind of stain as it came with stainless steel body. It has also manual ignition which provides you convenience when cooking.

4 mm pan support on which heavy vessels can be placed without bending or having any kind of difficulties.

In terms of Connectivity, this Glen has stove support both types of gas connection i.e LPG and PNG connections. Among 4 burner 2 two burner is big and remaining 2 burner is small.

Further, you will get 1-year warranty by Glen.

Glen 4 Burner Glass - Alda

   Doubt Clearance:-

Q. What is thickness of the glass?

Ans:- it has 6mm thick glass. Yes you can put a 10 ltr cooker on it.

Q.Does this gas stove support pipeline gas connection?

Ans:- Yes it support both LPG and PNG Gas Connection.

Q.Can we remove the plates under the burner or are they fixed permanently?

Ans:-You can remove by removing the screw. But it is not required to remove daily.

7.Sunshine Four Burner CT-900 WOC

Key Features:-

  • ISI Certified Quality Stove.
  • Heavy Stainless Steel Body With Triple Pin Brass Burner
  • Aluminium Mixing Tube With Strong powder Coated Pan Support.
  • Strong & Stylish Hybrid Knobs for Smooth Operation.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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This is the seventh gas stove on my has four burners. The burner is made up of brass. The brass burner is considered as better than the aluminum burner.

For ensuring continuous and effective gas it has tri pin burner.

While talking about the size of the burner z you will get two big burners and 2 small burners. It is verified by the ISI quality mark so you don’t need to worry about the quality part

In terms of Connectivity this gas stove work for both LPG and png gas pipeline.
But for png setting, you have to contact customer service support.

You will get a 1-year warranty.

Sunshine Four Burner CT-900 WOC

Doubt Clearance:-

Q. what is the size of the burner?

Ans:- it has two big burner and two small sized burner.

Q. Can we take the inner steel plate out for wash?

Ans:-Yes.You can.

Q.Is it isi approved?

Ans:-Yes It is ISI Approved.

Q.Does this gas stove support CNG?

Ans;- Yes thiss gas stove support CNG.

8.Green chef Glasstop Namo 3 Burner Gas Stove

 Key Features:-

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Unique ABS Knob
  • Elegant Black Toughened Glass Top
  • Clean Strong Tubular Legs for Firm Grip
  • Even Flame Distribution

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The eighth gas stove is all the way from green chef brand. Green chef very well known brand for kitchen appliances products. It has produced the various excellent quality product.

It is equipped with 3 burner woh bass top.

Often problem comes when glass o holding is the stove will slip from hand. Forgiving you a firm grip it has strong tubular legs. Its actual weight is 9 kg which is average weight or of the 3 burner gas stove.

Green chef Glasstop Namo 3 Burner Gas Stove

It comes with two big burners and two small burners. It has manual ignition, not an auto ignition so you have to remember that fact.

It will provide you 1-year warranty but you have to remember that glass top will not be covered In.the warranty.

9.Glen Stainless Steel 3 Burner

Key Features:-

  • Features toughened glass top rich matt steel body
  • Thick pan supports Matt steel drip tray Cooking output Three burner
  • Durable aluminium alloy burners for longer life
  • Smoothly operating knobs for frictionless rotation

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This is second last gas Tove on my list but not of less quality than others stove on my list.

It has 3 burners. Two burner is big and one small burner. The burner is made up of stainless steel. The stainless body keeps your gas stove away from any kind of stain.

Additionally, it also has various features like thick pan support, Matt steel drip tray, toughened glass top.

Glen Stainless Steel 3 Burner

Its actual weight is near 7 kg which can be called as the average weight of the 3 burner gas stove.

This Glen stove provides 1-year warranty by Glen India.

10.Padmini Gas Stove Cs-4Gt Cloud

Key Features:-

  • Powder coated frame-brush finish.
  • Wide toughened glass working top.
  •  High efficiency Alloy burners.
  •  Individual pan support.
  • 360 rotational inlet nozzle.

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Last but not the least, 10 the gas stove on my list is all the way from Indian brand Padmini. It is local Indian brand but has produced some top-notch quality kitchen appliances. Padmini is very reputed brand in households products.

It is very stylish in design having 4 burners and toughened glass working top. It has high-efficiency alloy burners.

The nozzle of this gas stove can be rotated 360 degrees so you don’t feel any difficulty in operating the nozzle. It is ISI marked product having excellent quality and long-term durability.

Padmini Gas Stove Cs-4Gt Cloud

Further Padmini gas stove provides you 1 year warranty.

How have we selected the top 10 has stove?

I know there be a question popping in your mind regarding how we have decided our top 10 list.

As per our transparency policy, we disclose everything to our readers. Readers are everything for us. We have taken care of various parameters while choosing the final list of top 10 has a stove .

Below are some points we have taken care of in the selection process.


gas burner

In the selection process, we have taken burner as the main part. No doubt without burner gas stove is nothing. We have selected the gas stove having different numbers of a lifetime like two burner gas stove, other burner gas stove and four burner gas stove.

It totally depends upon you how many burners you want to have on your gas stove. It can be selected depends on your needs. If you don’t want to spend more time in cooking then definitely you need has stove having more burner.


gas stove one more img

We have also considered the type of Connectivity support as our selection parameter.

We have selected the gas stove which supports both types of connection LPG and PNG CONNECTIONS.

The gas stove listed above support both png pipeline has connection and cylinder LPG gas connection. So you don’t need to worry about Connectivity part.

3.Efficient gas flow

efficient gas flow

Continuous, equal and efficient gas flow is the major problem of the gas stove these days. This is the common problem in has a stove.

We have taken care of this problem very seriously. We have kept in mind the equal flame flow across the vessels and choose the gas sTove very carefully.

4.Rating and feedbacks.

Another thing has impacted our selection process of top 10 has stove is the Rati g feedback from customers.

We have also considered customer rating. For this, we have looked out the various online shopping portal like Flipkart Amazon and another platform. We have read out every customer rating.

Apart from rating, we have also considered various research and expert feedback conducted from.time to time.

That’s all about best gas stove friends. If you have any kind of doubt or suggestion or anything to say always feel free to comment below.

Best Gas Stove in India (2018)
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