Best DSLR Camera Under 40,000 in 2018

If You are Searching For Best DSLR Camera under 40,000 Then, You have Landed at Right Place Friends. There is Hundreds of Camera under 40,000, But Every Camera is Not Good. Here You Can Find Best Camera under 40,000 in India in 2016 With All Details.

Camera Listed Below are Best digital camera under 40,000 India. All Listed Here is DSLR Camera under40,000. You Can Find Best Digital Camera under 40,000 Here.
Before Buying Any Camera Read This Full Article. I Have Explain All Details Here.

Under This Article You’ll Find:-

  • Top 10 DSLR cameras between 35000-40,000.
  • the best DSLR camera below 40,000
  • best DSLR camera below 40,000 in India.
  • Best Nikon DSLR camera under 40,000.
  • Best Canon DSLR under 40,000.
  • Best Sony DSLR camera under 40,000.



Best DSLR Camera Under 40000



1.Nikon D5200  

Nikon D5200

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♦it’s a 24.1 Megapixel Camera.

♦This Camera is Powered With EXPEED 3 engine.

♦it can Record Full HD Video in 1080p.

♦You’ll Also Get eyepiece cap, accessory shoe cover, rubber eyecup, body cap, viewNX 2 CD-ROM and user manual, 8GB SD card and 18-55mm VR II kit lens.

♦it has Both Auto and Manual Focus and Can be Selected from 39 or 11 Focus Points.

♦Both External and Built-in Flash.

♦There is Tons of Shooting Mode Under This Camera Like Auto, Portrait, Child, Close Up, Night Portrait, Party / Indoor, Pet Portrait.

♦it has a upgradable memory which can be increased up to 128 Gb.

♦it Comes With 2 Year Nikon India Warranty.


 2.Nikon D3300 

Nikon D3300See on: –  Amazon | Flipkart


♦ It has 24.2 megapixels with 0.85x viewfinder.

♦It can record Full Hd video in 1080p.

♦You can capture moving images with all beautiful details.

♦You’l l also Get a WiFi card with 16 Gb memory card when you purchase online.

♦You will also get a Dual lens with this device.

♦It has perfect and very useful blur background effects.

♦You will also get Two year Nikon India Warranty.



 3.Nikon D7000 

Nikon D7000 See on: – Flipkart | Amazon


♦You Can Call it Entry Level DSLR Camera with Very Easy Functions.

♦ it has 18 megapixels CMOS (APS-C) sensor.

♦it comes with EOS full HD movie mode with movie servo.

♦it has Dual Lens.

♦it has seven different creative filters. That can alter the mood and visible impression of any particular scene. Original Filters include Fish-eye Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Grainy Black and White, Soft Focus, Little Effect, Art Bold Effect and Water Painting Effect.

♦it comes with  DIGIC 5 Image Processor.

♦it has the aspect ratio of 3:2.

♦You can Capture 1080p videos at 30 frames per second with this camera.

♦You Can Attach External Stereo Mic.

♦You Can Zoom Photo With Touchscreen.

♦it also Supports Eye-Fi Cards To Transfer picture to the other Devices.

♦You Can also Use Wireless Remote With this camera.

♦it also has Mini USB Support.

♦You Can take Up to 400-500 photos in One Full Charge Battery.

♦it comes with 2 Year Canon India Warranty.



4.Nikon  D3400

Nikon  D3400 See on: – AmazonFlipkart


♦it is 24.2 Megapixel DSLR Camera with CMOS Sensor.

♦Focal Length-18 – 55 mm, 70 – 300 mm

♦Lens Type-Single-lens, Interchangeable Lens.

♦Dust Reduction Facility.

♦it also have Manual and Auto Both Focus.

♦Viewfinder also Available.

♦it has a Shutter Speed of 30 – 1/4000 second.

♦it has both Built-in Flash and External Flash.

♦it can record Full HD Video in 1080p.

♦it comes with Built-in Monaural Microphone.

♦it comes with 300 Lens.

♦You’ll Get 2 Year Nikon India Warranty.




 5.Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200See on: – Amazon | Flipkart


♦it has 24.2 Effective Megapixel with DX-format CMOS image sensor.

♦it comes with image processing engine EXpEED.

♦it can record Full Hd video in with just one touch.

♦it equipped with wifi facility which helps you to share image across the various platform.

♦it comes with different kit lens options like, 18-55 mm, 18-55 + 55-200 mm, 18-105 mm.

♦HDMI Port is Also Available in this Model.

♦You’ll get the 8gb memory card, camera bag, warranty card, USB cable, AV Cable, Charger when you purchase online. but it supports up to 64Gb Memory card.

♦Have both Auto and Manual Zoom facility.

♦it also supports rotating Fan.

♦it comes with VRII lens.

♦You’ll get 2 Year Nikon India Warranty.



 6.Sony Alpha SLT-A58Y 

Sony Alpha SLT-A58Y See On: – Amazon | Flipkart  



♦It’s a 20.1 Megapixel camera with 18-55 & 55-200mm Lens.

♦it had Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor.

♦Image stabilization has been built in with this camera.

♦It supports Remote control to click in bulb mode.

♦It also has an inbuilt Focus Motor, so You don’t Need AF.

♦It has both manual and auto focus mode.

♦You’ll Get two lens, battery memory card, charger, camera bag.

♦There is also Blur Control system so You can control blur of the image.

♦it comes with powerful daylight FLASH.

♦it can take up to 500 images on one full charge.

♦it supports Memory card up to 64 Gb.

♦it is Very Good For Making Youtube Videos and Film Shooting.

♦You’ll Get 2 Year Sony India Warranty.





 7.Sony Alpha A58K 

Sony Alpha A58K See on: – Amazon. | Flipkart


♦ it is 20.1 Megapixel with APS HD CMOS Sensor.

♦it is equipped with Lock-on Auto Focus, Auto Object Framing.

♦it is supplied with two lenses 18-55 & 55-200mm.

♦This is Decent DSLR For Beginners.

♦The picture quality is superb.

♦You can select to put photos taken on different dates in different folders automatically making it easier to manage after a long tour or a wet week.

♦it has 4x Zoom Capability.

♦it’s Battery Take 1 Hour To Become Fully Charged.

♦it support remote control facility.

♦You can Record 1920×1080 Resolution Full HD video.

♦it’s LCD is Portable.

♦it has Tele Lens Auto Focus.

♦You’ll Get 2 Year Sony India Warranty.


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Best DSLR Camera Under 40,000 in 2018
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