Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000

If you are searching for best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2000, then you are at right place friends.Bluetooth or portable speaker is one of the most sold speaker these days. Technology is advancing day by day, and more and more new features have been added to the speaker.

[su_highlight background=”#3eb325″ color=”#ffffff”]After research of almost 19 hours [/su_highlight]our team has comes with top 10 Bluetooth speaker under the price of Rs.2000 currently available in India.Here you can find a detailed, unbiased review of every top 10 Bluetooth speaker.

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1.Philips BT50B  Portable Speaker

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First Bluetooth speaker finds place on my list is all the way from Philips brand. Philips is premium speaker maker.

Philips BT50B comes in 4 color variations. It comes in black, gray, white and blue color.

[su_highlight background=”#3bba1f” color=”#ffffff”]It has anti-clipping for loud and distortion free sound. Philips BT50B has built in rechargeable battery which you can charge and play the music unstoppable. [/su_highlight]Philips BT50B  Portable Speaker

You can connect this Philips BT50B speaker to any Bluetooth device and enjoy music. The actual weight of this Bluetooth speaker is 91-gram light weight.

The battery backup of this Philips BT50B speaker is excellent. It will provide you [su_highlight background=”#f7e467″]backup up to 6 hours on one full charge.[/su_highlight]

It has two wattage audio system.

You can charge it through USB cable provider there or by using an adaptor.



2.Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker 

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Second Bluetooth speaker is all the way from Logitech brand. Logitech one of the most trusted electronics accessories maker in the world.

Logitech X100 speaker comes in 4 color variations. It comes in orange, black, blue and yellow color.

It has advanced audio distribution profile which will gibe you delightful clarity and excellent sound experience. Logitech X100 is best suitable for outdoor.Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker

You also use Logitech X100 speaker as phone speaker by connecting it to your smartphone using Bluetooth and make your handsfree.

You can also control the volume of the speaker through Bluetooth from any devices.

Further, Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker provides you excellent battery backup up to 5 hours on one full charge. Actual weight of this
Logitech X100 is 240 gram.

You can use in your car or take it for outdoor or can be used in the home for the purpose of listening music.

[su_highlight background=”#89d73a”]It has great wireless covering range. It can cover 30 feet Bluetooth are and play music. [/su_highlight]

The bass quality is just excellent, and you will be amazed by its sound quality. It can even handle small home parties.

Meanwhile, it came with one year warranty by Logitech India.


3.HP S6500 Mini Speakers

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Third Bluetooth speaker finds place on my list is from hp brand. Hp is the well known name for its laptop and PC product.

HP S6500 wireless speaker comes in two variant color black and white.
It will spread the sound around the environment with top crisp firing audio driver.HP S6500 Mini Speakers

One of the amazing things about this HP S6500 Bluetooth speaker is, it can cover up to 30 feet Bluetooth range which are just brilliant.It means you can play music from anywhere
In the range of 30 feet from the speaker through Bluetooth.

[su_highlight background=”#89d73a”]The battery backup of this HP S6500 speaker is splendid. HP S6500 speaker can provide you battery backup up to 10 hours on one charge.[/su_highlight]

It also has a blinking light which indicates that speaker is In pairing mode and connected to a smartphone or other device.

The audio port and USB connection slot are located on the back of the speaker. The actual weight is 390 gram which is easy to carry wherever you go.

You can charge it with your home switchboard without any problem.

Further HP S6500 sparkler comes with one year warranty by HP India.



4.Logitech X50 Wireless Speaker 

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4th Bluetooth speaker is from Logitech brand. Comes with four different colors variant, Logitech X50 is one of the most trusted speakers under the price of RS.2000 currently available in India.

You can connect Logitech X50 with any Bluetooth device or through 3.5 mm.jack.Logitech X50 Wireless Speaker 

Further, Logitech X50 speaker provides you impressive sound experience with clear and bass sound.

Logitech X50 is compatible with all smartphone, tablet and all devices having Bluetooth options.

While talking about coverage range, it can cover the range of 90-100 meters.It means you can play music through Bluetooth from 100 meters of distance.

The battery backup of Logitech X50 is very impressive. It can provide you backup up to 5 hours on one charge.

Logitech X50 speaker is very light weight. Its actual weight is just 140 gram. It also has micro USB port so you can connect external device easily.

Logitech X50 is one of the best portable speakers. It can even fit in your palm comfortably. Its small but very loud in will not face any distortion when you play it in loud and full volume. It will give you clear sound even in full volume.

Meanwhile, Logitech X50 speaker comes with one year warranty by Logitech India.



5.LG PH1 Portable Speaker

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The 5th speaker is all the way from LG brand. LG is well known for its electronics product like a television, washing machine, Smartphone, and others.

LG PH1 speaker one of the most stylish portable Bluetooth speaker on my list. It can provide you 360 degree sound experience.LG PH1 Portable Speaker

It also has led mood lighting can use this LG PH1 as your phone speaker.

Further, LG PH1 speaker has the built-in microphone which provides you excellent talking Experience on the phone.

The battery backup of this LG PH1 speaker is brilliant which can provide you backup up to 5-6 hours.

LG PH1 speaker is heavy. Its actual weight is 1.9 kg. You can also use the pen drive and aux with this speaker.

It also has the option to enhance volume to 3 to 5 times louder.

Further, it came with the one year warranty by LG INDIA.


6.Zook ZB-JAZZ  Bluetooth Speaker

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Another brilliant Bluetooth speaker is from zoook brand.zook is the well known brand for sound related accessories.

Zook ZB-JAZZ is powered by the superb stereo speaker which provide you excellent sound.

It also comes with superb fast Bluetooth connectivity, USB flash disk, TF CARD, FM, Aux-in and brilliant Mic.Zook ZB-JAZZ  Bluetooth Speaker

The built-in mic of this speaker let you do the handsfree calling. It also has an excellent range of coverage. Zook ZB-JAZZ can cover a range of 33-35 feet of area. It means you can play music from far more distance without wire.

One of the best things about this Zook ZB-JAZZ speaker is it comes with superb battery backup. It has 1800 Mah battery which can last at least up to 5-7 music playing.

The actual weight is 299 gram.

Further, Zook ZB-JAZZ speaker is compatible with almost all kinds of Devices having Bluetooth. You can also use it for small party purposes. It works like a charm.

The bass sound is just excellent.

Further, it comes with one year warranty.


7.JBL GO Portable  Speaker 

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JBL is premium Electronic accessories brand. No one can doubt JBL quality and reputation in the accessories segment.

While talking about sound quality, it will provide an excellent clear and bass sound. You can use it for the small party also.

JBL GO is compatible with all smartphone and tablets. You can also use it with a laptop.JBL GO Portable  Speaker 

It can be connected through Bluetooth and Aux-in. It also has noise reduction feature.

It also provides you decent battery backup up to 4-5 hours on one full charge.JBL GO is one of the lightest weight speakers in this range.

JBL GO can also work with window phone and all other types of devices having Bluetooth options.

It is best suitable for personal use like in your room or your car. JBL GO speaker
Is light weight of just 150 gram.

Further, it comes with one year warranty by JBL India.



8.Philips BT64B  Bluetooth Speakers

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8th Bluetooth speaker is from Electronic giant Philips. I think no one doubts Philips quality and goodwill. It is an internationally recognized company.

Powered by built-in microphone Philips BT64B
Is one of the finest Bluetooth speaker packed with tons of features. Built in mic let you quickly switched off from music listening to phone calls.

Additionally, it will provide you advanced audio performance with stylish design.Philips BT64B  Bluetooth Speakers

Philips BT64B comes with audio in for easy connection to almost any devices having Bluetooth.

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery for playing music without electricity. Philips BT64B speaker provides you backup up to 5 hours on one charge.

Further, it also has TF CATS and 3.5 mm jack for connecting an external device.

One of the best thing about this Philips BT64B Bluetooth is it has built in FM. You can play all radio channel or listen to music through FM radio.

Philips BT64B speaker is very easy to handle and light weight. Its actual weight is 145 gram.

It is compatible with almost all kinds of phones tablets, a laptop having Bluetooth features.

Philips BT64B comes with one year warranty by Philips India.



9.Portronics POR-280 Bluetooth Speaker

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Second last Bluetooth speaker is from portions company. It is not a well-known brand but worth it.

Portronics POR-280 is bass reflex powered speaker which delivers you deep and powerful bass sound.Portronics POR-280 Bluetooth Speaker

Its design is like a small round of the BESTthings about this Portronics POR-280 speaker is it has made with wooden housing for impressive bass reproduction.

Portronics POR-280 comes with unique features. UnLike another speaker, you can connect two devices in same time.

Portronics POR-280 speaker is the very light weight of just 250 gram. While regarding compatibility, it is compatible with all kinds of devices including smartphone, tablet, and laptop which supports Bluetooth functions.

You can connect to device In two-way through this wireless speaker. One through 3.5 mm Jack and others through Bluetooth.

Portronics POR-280 provide you good coverage area. You can play music from 25-30 feet distance without wire.

Further, it came with the 1-year warranty.



10.Zoook Rocker M2  Bluetooth Speaker

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Last but very impressive Bluetooth speaker is from zook brand again. Zoom is considered as well performer sound accessories brand.

Zook Rocker M2 has incredible battery backup. It comes with 3000 Mah powerful battery which gives you last long backup.Zoook Rocker M2  Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best things about this Zook Rocker M2 speaker is, it is 5 in 1 speaker having Bluetooth, SD card, USB, FM and 3.5 mm jack.

You can even use it for your family party.

Additionally, it has on off features, previous/next traction, various Mode buttons, play/pause and volume slider to control the sound.

It also has very wide range of Connectivity area. No doubt it is a little bit heavy compared to other ueroorh speaker in my list.

It is very much suitable for outdoor. It doesn’t mean you cannot use it for indoor.  You can use it for any purpose.

Zook Rocker M2 has awesome bass quality.

It can cover an are of 25-30 feet. It means you can play music from 30 feet with the will of Bluetooth.

Zook Rocker M2 comes with one year Warranty.


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11.Bluetooth speaker buying guide India.

Below we have prepared and list out Quick Buying guide which helps you to make right decison about which bluetooth speaker you should buy or not?.  we have points out various important 


1.Easy to Carry.

If you are buying a speaker for outdoor purposes, then I am sure you will.Choose speaker which is easy to carry. Always choose the speaker which can be used easily for an outdoor party or picnic purposes.

2.Power segments.

Power parts are one of the most crucial thing’s you should look out when buying Bluetooth speaker.

You must look out for speaker having excellent battery backup. In above list, we have included the only speaker who can give you a battery backup of at least 4-6 hours.


After battery backup and easy to use, connectivity is the best thing you look out in speaker. These days Technology is taking new invention day by day.

Prefer to choose speaker having various Connectivity options like Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack.

4.Pairing capacity

Pairing function is also one of the most crucial things. Pairing capacity determines how many devices you can connect to the speaker.
Always choose the speaker who has more than one pairing capacity.

5.The range of coverage.

The range of coverage determines from how far you can play music through Bluetooth.

Medium price speaker offers the Connectivity within the range of 25 feet to 35 feet.

It means you can play your music from 30 feet distance without a wire through Bluetooth.


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12.How we have chosen our top 10 Bluetooth speaker under RS. 2000?

There may be a question in mind regarding how we have selected our top 10 Bluetooth speaker.

We have considered various things before finalizing our list.


We have kept quality on top priority while finalizing the top 10 product.

While selecting quality, we have kept various things like sound quality, bass quality, material quality and other minor things.

Quality is the criteria where we cannot compromise while choosing a product.


There is no hesitation transparency is our policy, and we help you to take right decision before buying a speaker.

We have also received various feedback from various sources like the internet, one to one basis, different feedback by experts and other quality post and articles.


No doubt name matter a lot. That’s why we have considered various branded Bluetooth speaker.

We have chosen various branded Bluetooth speaker like Philips, Logitech, LG, zook, and others. These are excellent accessories maker name and have a good reputation.

That’s it friends.its all about best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2000. If you have any doubt or any query always feel free to ask via the comment section below.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000
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