Best 40 inch LED TV (2018)

If you are searching for best 40 inches led TV then you are at right place friends.

I think you will agree with me when I say choosing one best-led TV is a difficult task to do when you have hundreds of options In front of you.

Today I have researched almost 4 hours and came with top ten 40 inches led TV which is available In India.

Led TV listed here are from both categories. I.e., Smart TV and non smart TV.

Before going into detail of every led TV, our top reviewer team has prepared comparison table for you.

These are the Best 40 inch LED TV

NameScreen SizeConnectivity FeaturesPrice
1.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40W562D40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,Miracast rel="nofollow" target="_blank">CHECK PRICE
2.Samsung Joy Plus J5100
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
3.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40R352D
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
5.Lloyd Full HD LED TV L40FIK
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
6.Kodak 40FHDX900S
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
7.Vu VU40D6575
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
8.Daiwa D42C4S
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
9.Onida LEO40FV/LEO40FBL
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE
10.Micromax 40T2810FHD
40 inch Full HDHDMI,USB,MiracastCHECK PRICE


1.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40W562D

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Its first 40 inches led TV on my list.

While talking about detailed specifications, it has a beautiful large screen with the size of 40 inches.

It’s full smart led TV by Sony.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40W562D

Additionally, it has lots of connectivity options like 2 HDMI, 2 USB, one composite port, 1 RF input, one Ethernet port for better external connection.

It gives you best sound quality. For this, it has pre-built in woofer. You experienced it like home theater sounds.

Further you can also watch Netflix, YouTube can browse the internet.

Additionally, it also dusts protection, x security pro, x-trap protection pro for more safety.

It also has photo sharing plus function which helps you to share your images on the other device.

You can enjoy various digital content from another platform with just one stick. For this, it has excellent multi-format USB play.

You can also listen to various FM RADIO channels through this Sony 40 inch led TV.

Its actual weight is 9 kg which is considered as lightweight think to 49-inch screen size.

Meanwhile, it has maximum resolution size of 1080 pixel which is full HD. It has a brilliant refresh rate of 200 Hertz. Refresh rate determines the picture quality of your TV.

Further, it came with one year warranty by Sony India.

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2.Samsung Joy Plus J5100

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2nd and powerful TV on my list is all the way from Samsung brand. No one doubts Samsung quality and customer satisfaction reputations. Over the years it has kept its high-level quality.

While talking about features, it has big 40 inches led screen.Samsung Joy Plus J5100

It also has various Connectivity options like 2 HDMI, 2 USB port. You can connect external devices using HDMI and USB to this Samsung 40 inch led TV.

Additionally, you can take a screen shot while watching TV. It will let you capture a screenshot of your favorite moments. Or you can also record audio while watching TV.

Further, it also has a various mode like cinema mode, music mode, cricket mode, music mode.

Meanwhile, it is very high weight TV, of just 9 kg in weight.

It has 178-degree viewing angles and 100 Hertz refresh rate.

Further, it also supports Chrome cast, all video and audio file format including MKV, MPEG, MP3, AVI, and others.

One of the best things about this Samsung led TV is, it came with two-year on-site warranty the by Samsung India.


3.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40R352D

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3rd TV on my list is again from Sony brand. No one doubt that Sony is electronics giant. It is world’s top 5 electronic manufacturer.

Regarding the detailed description, it has big 40 full HD led inch Screen.

It came with tons of connectivity options like USB multi format play, 2 HDMI, 1 USB port for better external connection.Sony BRAVIA KLV-40R352D

Additionally, it has 10 Watt clear phase speaker, clear resolution enhancer.

For keeping dust free, it came with x protection pro, extra security pro.

You can also FM radio in this led tv.

For giving you a better language experience, it has all Indian regional language Installed. It let you operate TV in your local language.

Furthermore, it has superb sound quality. For this, it came with Dolby digital amplifier sound system. You can also prorate this TV on various mode like cinema mode, music mode, gaming mode, sports mode, cricket mode.

Its maximum resolution is 1080 pixel which is full HD. It is very light weight TV just 7 kg in weight.

Further, it came with one year warranty.


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Everyone knows Kodak for its DSLR camera related products.But currently, it started producing led TV.

When talking about detailed information, it has 40 inch HD ready display screen.Koda 40FHDXSMART LED TV
Furthermore, it has 2 HDMI, 2 USB, for external Connectivity.

Its full smart TV. It has all feature of smart TV like Android play store Google Chrome browsing, YouTube, Netflix, and others.

You can also use WiFi and watch Netflix and YouTube on this Kodak 40 inch led TV.

Further, it also supports Miracast technology.

It has 20 Watt audio output. Its actual weight is 10 kg which considered as light weight compared to screen size.

You can also connect CPU, and home theater to this Kodak led TV.

It came with one year warranty by Kodak India.


5.Lloyd  Full HD LED TV L40FIK

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Lloyd may be a new brand name for you. But it’s not a new name. It is well-established TV brand in the market. Over the years it has produced top notch quality television and kept its reputation in the television market.

While taking About details features, it has a large 40-inch screen; various connection option’s like 2 HDMI, 1 USB port.Lloyd  Full HD LED TV L40FIK

It also has two 7 Watt audio output.

One of the very inspiring features of this TV is it came with a three-year warranty.

It is very light weight when compared to its size. Its actual weight is just 6 kg.

Further, it has a maximum resolution of 1080 pixel which considered as full HD. It gives an amazing picture and video quality.

While talking about supported format and external connection, it supports video through USB and pen drive, so you don’t face any difficulty regarding that part.


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6.Kodak 40FHDX900S

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Its 6th TV on my list but packed with tons of features.

Talking about detailed specifications, it has enormous 40 inches full HD LED display. Kodak 40FHDX900S

Further, in Connectivity segments, it has 2 HDMI, 2 USB port for more options.

Meanwhile, it has 20 Watt output audio system. Its actual weight is 10 kg which is fine regarding 40-inch size.

It will give you best HD picture and video experience as it has 1080 maximum pixel resolution. It also has aspect ratio cinema zoom option.

This Kodak model have received very impressive feedback regarding quality and sustainability.

Further, it came with one year warranty by Kodak India.


7.Vu VU40D6575

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VU may be a new brand name for you. But want to give some intro about Vu TV brand.

It’s a brand established in 2006 between California USA and Mumbai started with the purpose of building high-quality electronics product.

Now talking about its features, it has large 40 inches full led HD display screen.Vu VU40D6575

In Connectivity options, it has 2 HDMI, 1 USB port.

It supports all kinds of video and audio format like MKV, MOV, MP3 AVI, MPEG, and others. It also supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port.

Meanwhile, its actual weight is 11 kg which considers as average weight.

Additionally, it has full HD maximum resolution of 1080 pixel. You can also connect your laptop through HDMI to this TV.

It came with one year warranty.

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8.Daiwa D42C4S

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It may be little bit strange brand for you.And some of you know about this brand. Daiwa is global electronics brand, producing various electronics product.

While talking about Daiwa led TV, it has big 40 inches full smart led HD TV without the feature.Daiwa D42C4S

It also has 2 HDMI, two USB, 1 VGA port for more connection options.

Additionally, it also has an eco vision, power audio system, 178-degree viewing angles.

Further, it came with various viewing modes like Cinema mode, music mode, cricket mode and others.

It also supports Miracast technology.

Meanwhile, it came with WiFi Bluetooth features. It let you watch YouTube, Netflix browse Google internet over the TV.

You will also air mouse which is just awesome.

Its actual weight is 11 kg which is average TV weight of 40-inch screen size.

Further, it came with one year warranty.


9.Onida LEO40FV/LEO40FBL

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9th led tv on my list is from Onida. It is very trusted TV brand.

While talking about features, it has 40-inch large screen which is fully HD in quality.

In connectivity segments, it had 2 HDMI, 2 USB,1 VGA, and 1 PC input for CPU connection. It mean’s you can also connect your country to it and use it at you competition monitor. Onida LEO40FV/LEO40FBL

It also had 178-degree viewing angles,18 Watt sound system, and 1080p full HD resolution.

Its actual weight is 10kg which I think is average in weight.

Furthermore, it’s sound quality is average. There is also stereo output on which you can connect 5.1 channel audio.
It also supports various file format like MP 4, MPV, MOV, AVI and others.

Furthermore, it came with the 1-year warranty.


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10.Micromax 40T2810FHD

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Another excellent TV in my list is all the way from Indian brand Micromax. Over the years Micromax has proved its deserving place in TV, mobile and laptop industry superbly.Micromax 40T2810FHD

While in features segments, it has Big 40 inch full HD LED screen.

Further, it also has 2 HDMI port, one USB port, and 1 VGA port.

You can also connect it to CPU and use it on your monitor. It had SRS sound system with five bands equalizer.

Its actual weight is 12kg which is a little bit heavier than other led tv in this range.

Further, it has 176-degree viewing angles and 16:9 image source ratio.

Further, it came with one year warranty.


Conclusion: – Things to Consider Before Buying 40 Inch LED TV.

There are various things which you must take into account before buying 40 inch tv in india.

Connectivity Features: – Connectivity is another thing which you have to look. It determines whether you can connect your tv to other external devices or not. Always go for tv which has options for HDMI, USB, CPU connection option. It will be better when you have the possibility to connect a pen drive, card reader, and another USB device.

Resolution: –always go for tv which maximum resolution equal to or more than 720p. Above listed tv also has 1080p resolution which is full HD.

Brand: – Brand is a precious part. I think a brand like Philips, Panasonic, Sansui, Micromax,samsung,LG, Onida are considered to be brilliant tv brand. Always go for the well-known brand name.

Now its turn your friends which tv you want to purchase. If you have any doubts or suggestion or anything to say, then feel free to comment below or contact us.

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