7 Secrets To Reduce Air Conditioner Energy Consumption

how to reduce ac energy consumption

For most people having Air Condition (AC) at home or office is ordinary. It is no more luxury of rich people. In fact, 2 out of 3 middle-class families are having AC in their home.

You already know this that air Condition is the most energy consuming device among home appliances. It can eat up your energy rapidly and at the high cost.

Not using Air condition is not an option anymore. These days having an air conditioner at home is the must. Without AC The summer heat can make your afternoon hotter and nights sleepless.

But here’s the kicker.. in this post I will give you 7 tips and tricks that can help you reduce the air conditioners power consumption.

Lesser power air conditioner uses lower the bills you will pay.

Let’ begin.

7 Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Reduce the AC’s Power Consumption.

#1 Use AC with higher stars

India’s official entity named Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates each AC and give it stars. Higher the stars better the Air condition.

One of the factor this entity takes into account it of Energy Consumption. So higher the BEE rating of AC, the more power it will save.

Higher star AC can cost more than lower stars, though it helps you in the long term.

#2 When it comes to AC, the Size does matter

The bigger the size of AC more it will cool your room quickly. If you have the big room, then consider the option of buying large size AC.

AC with large size covers the mass area at once then the smaller ones so room quickly gets cooler.

#3 What type of AC suit your needs?

If your requirement is to cool more than one room then go for centralized air condition instead of the individual window unit.

Centralized air condition does the excellent job of controlling the humidity of room versus window air condition.

#4 Run combination of Fan + AC

Check this out: AC consumes as much as 20x more power than Fan. Plus it takes a lot of time for AC to cool the complete room.

But what if you run fan along with AC? It will help AC to quickly cool the room as the fan will do the job of spreading air across the room.

Running this combination helps you keep the thermostat temperature at the higher level while economically maintaining the cooling environment.

#5 Keep door close

Make sure to close the door of the room where the air conditioner is running.

Keeping the door open will make cooling air flow out of the room. As result of that air condition generates more cooling air to reach its thermostat temperature level.

More time air condition takes to reach thermostat temperature more it will consume the energy. So make sure whenever air conditioner is running, close the door.

#6 Proper maintenance of Air condition

There are multiple components of air conditioners that need time to time maintenance.

Proper maintenance of air conditioner parts such as filter and outdoor coils will boost your air conditioner’s efficiency.

AC filter can catch dirt and dust so the flow of air can get disturbed. Plus it can even damage your Air conditioner.

Then make sure to clean the outdoor coils which always exposed to open air. It is recommended to call local AC professional for maintenance of AC.

#7 Enable sleep mode.

At night switch on the “sleep mode” in your air conditioner. Sleep mode will consume less power at night by continually providing required coolness at the room.

In sleep mode what AC does is that it increases the room temperature by half a degree. Once it reaches its decent threshold, it will run at that temperature.

So lesser the higher the thermostat temperature lower the power consumption.

Bonus tip: Switch off the lights when a room is cooling.

Switching off light helps air conditioner cool out the room quicker than when lights are on.

So what’s the bottom line?

You do not want to waste your hard earned money on the unnecessary high electricity bill. Make use of 7 simple yet effective tips that can help you reduce your electricity bill cost.

What’s next? Share this article with your friends and help them save their money.

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7 Secrets To Reduce Air Conditioner Energy Consumption
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