6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

The Smartphone is playing an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of consumers. While the initial investment of a Smartphone may be expensive, this device can usually pay for itself while providing additional cost savings in other areas.

Make your Smartphone work for you and learn about how your device can actually save you money.

1.Price Shop

6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

If you are considering how to save money on a cell phone, think about how often you compare prices to find the best deal on an item. With a Smartphone, determining whether you can find a cheaper price on something that you need is easier than ever. A variety of apps are available, including Shop Savvy and Google Goggles, and these applications allow you to scan the item barcodes and to compare prices. In addition, you can also complete a simple Internet search from your phone to find out how much you should be spending to avoid overpaying for a product.

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2.Find the Lowest Gas Prices

Find the Lowest Gas Prices

-Several Smartphone apps exist that can allow you to find the lowest prices on gas in your area. Simply type in your ZIP code and the GPS on your phone will locate real-time prices on gas in the surrounding area. You can either view the results as a list or on a map so that you can find the gas station that is closest to you.

3.Consolidate Your Electronic Devices

Consolidate Your Electronic Devices

A Smartphone is capable of doing more than simply making calls. By investing in a Smartphone, you can save the money that you may have spent on other electronic devices.

A Smartphone can serve as your alarm clock, portable music player, digital camera, calculator, and GPS navigation system. Additionally, many Smartphone owners are forgoing the purchase of a traditional landline telephone service, and this can result in even greater savings.

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4.Simplify Budgeting

Simplify Budgeting

Several Smartphone apps exist that can help you to manage your money more efficiently. These apps help you to record and track purchases and to set spending limits, and some programs will send you alerts in the event that you have exceeded your predetermined budget. By better managing your funds and paying your bills on time, you can develop a good credit score rating.

5.Be Financially Savvy

When TravellingSmartphone applications can allow you to check for discounts while you are traveling. For example, AAA members can view a list of over 100,000 retailers that provide discounts to members, and other coupon sites can allow you to search for deals by location.Be Financially Savvy

Searching through social media platforms can uncover deals and specials, and the simple accessibility provided by a Smartphone can also help you to monitor your credit while you are away from home.

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6.Build Your Credit History

-Owning a cell phone is a great way to build your credit history if you pay your monthly bills on time. When applying for a Smartphone you may need to go through a credit check, after which you will obtain the phone.Build Your Credit History

By paying your monthly bills, you will begin to establish a history as a financially responsible person, and this can ultimately save you money down the road.
A good credit score can get you a more desirable interest rate on a home or auto loan, and this could equate to thousands of dollars in savings.


While using a Smartphone may have its perks, it is important to realize that identity theft by accessing Smartphone information is becoming increasingly common. Be sure to take steps to protect your credit and your phone by keeping your device password protected. This way you can reap the financial benefits of owning a Smartphone and ensure that your information is safe.

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6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money
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