3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Refrigerator

Your old refrigerator seems like it’s humming along, but if it’s over twenty years old there are several reasons to consider sending it out to pasture.

By the way, sending it out to pasture should not be interpreted as moving it from the kitchen to the garage to serve as a second option for refrigeration. At this age and over, it’s time for retirement and here’s why:•

1. Energy savings

3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Refrigerator

Your old refrigerator may be the most energy intensive appliance in your home, perhaps by a long shot. Running an increasingly inefficient refrigerator on a 24/7/365 basis may get more expensive as well due to smart meter technology that ratchets up kilowatt charges during the peak demand hours of the afternoon and evening.

While energy consumption between older refrigerators varies somewhat between models, a new refrigerator will use about 50 percent less energy per year than a 20-year-old model. If you’re running a refrigerator that is approaching 30 years of age the savings are even more dramatic; a new ENERGY STAR- rated refrigerator will reduce energy consumption by about 75 percent.•

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2.Less food spoilage

Less food spoilage

The humidity in older refrigerators typically results in shorter shelf life and faster spoilage of food. New refrigerators feature humidity controls in crisper and meat drawers, which leads to longer storage without food going bad. While metrics such as energy usage can reveal the savings between old and new refrigerators, the amount of money that is lost due to food spoiling before its time is much less precise.

That being said, the savings of the equivalent costs of food that would otherwise have to be thrown out over the span of one year due to high humidity levels in an old model can be much greater than energy savings.



The old condenser is probably on the way out – If it hasn’t happened yet, the old fridge that’s already burning up electricity is probably going to need some expensive repairs in the near future. The condenser is the big one, but there is a host of other parts that are aging quickly as well. Rather than wait until the old model dies and you’re pressed into action to find a new one, get ahead of the issue and start looking for a replacement now.
There may be several options for the disposal of your refrigerator. To find the best one for your situation, consult your local utility or the dealer from whom you’re buying the new refrigerator. In some cases, you may even receive a check for few bucks if there is a local program encouraging the proper disposal of old refrigerators.

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3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Refrigerator
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