2 Simple Ways to Format Your Android Phone

 2 Simple Ways to Format Your Android Phone
Do you want to learn how to format android phone? Yes, learning to format your android phone is one of the essential skill. This can come handy in several situations.
5 Situations where knowing wonder how to format android phone can be the blessing:

  • When you are selling your device to another person or giving it away to the friend.
  • When your Best Android phone starts running slow, and you have no idea why.
  • When you need to get rid of your personal user data.
  • When the device gets affected by the virus.

Your device is not working.

Before I walk you through the whole process of how to format android phone, I will suggest you to backup your android device. Having backup will help you get back your personal data in future.

Now let’s go through 2 simple methods to format your android device. One of (if not all) method will definitely suit your need. You can try any one method to format your mobile easily.

2 simple methods to format phone

  • Format from settings
  • Format nonworking Android device via recovery boot

    1. Format from settings

    Formatting android phone from settings is one of the easiest ways to format your mobile. Follow this simple steps to do it.

    Step 1: Open up Settings from mobile menu
    Step 2: Find and select Backup & reset.
    Step 3: Click on Restore factory settings.
    Step 4: Click “Reset device” to reset the device.

    Once the device is restarted, you will see the Welcome screen. Congratulations you just reset your device.

    2. Format not working android device via recovery boot.

    Electronic gadgets can get damaged any time, and software is prone to be affected by errors. So there is nothing to worry if your device is not booting up your Android home screen.
    The method will work for you like a charm. Once you format your android phone from recovery boot, you can start using it again quickly.

    But here’s the thing, this method is little more complicated than other, so only try it if you can not be able to format via method mentioned method. However, rest assured I will try to be as precise as with details of each step.

    So let’s dive into:-

    3 steps to format nonworking Android device.

    Step 1: Boot your phone in recovery mode

    Power on your phone and press correct combination of buttons to boot into recovery mode. These buttons vary from device to device. However here are 5 very common combinations:
    -Volume Up, Power
    -Volume Down, Power
    -Volume Up, Home, and Power
    -Volume Down, Home, and Power
    -Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power

    Hold it till you see recovery menu or for more than 10 seconds.


  • Step 2: Find and select wipe data/ factory reset on the menu. You can scroll through the options via Volume buttons. To select the options click power button.


  • Step 3: Scroll down to “ok” and start format process.That’s it your android phone will be formatted and present you with the welcome screen.Now you may be having questions, so I will try to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on formatting your android device

    format android phone

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on how formatting android phone

    Does a factory reset via settings wipe my SD card data?

    The answer is no. Any of method explained above won’t wipe your SD card data. However, if you want to erase your SD card data too then you can do so by opening Settings > Storage > Format SD Card.

    My device is Rooted, will formatting cause any problem?

    Again the answer is no. Formatting your Android device will only clear out your user data, not the Android OS files. So your rooted device is safe to format for unlimited times.

    How to recover my lost data from format?

    Sadly once you format your device, you won’t be able to restore your device data back. That’s why it is recommended to backup all your user data for safety purpose.

    That’s it for now. If you have more question, then comment below. I will answer it right away.

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2 Simple Ways to Format Your Android Phone
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