17 Cool Benefits Of Vacuum Cleaner

In this day and age, where you look for comfort and easiness in everything around, cleaning up the home too should be the same- fast and easy.

This is why, a vacuum cleaner is idea to have at home, especially if you have a large rug or a larger floor space to clean, or bulky heavy carpets to manage. You should know that a vacuum cleaner comes in handy and reaches places where you may not even manage to, even by bending low. Read on and learn more, for we shall tell you many benefits of vacuum cleaner and why a vacuum cleaner should be a part of the appliance entourage in every home.

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Facts about vacuum cleaners and how they work

Even though you think your home is squeaky clean, it absolutely is not. This is because, the amount of dust and dirt unseen by the naked eye, is way too tiny and minute for perception.

Fortunately, most of us can still live without knowing this truth. But one quick run around the house with a vacuum cleaner, and the truth is out there.

In the day and age, almost every house has the latest appliance and gadget, and vacuum cleaners are one of them. We just cannot think of managing a home without a vacuum cleaner.

They suck up the dirt for sure, but let’s learn how they work and what makes the modern ones so different from the older traditional ones.

Here are points to note before we tell you about the advantages of having a vacuum cleaner at home.

  1. The very name “vacuum cleaner”, is a giveaway. When it comes to understanding how the machine operates, a vacuum cleaner works on the principle of suctioning.
  2. Did you know, there is know ‘vacuum’ involved as such in a vacuum cleaner. In fact, many say they should change the name to ‘suction cleaner’.
  3. With the machine – vacuum cleaner, there is an air pressure difference involved. However, there is no ways that vacuum in involved in the making and the use of the cleaner.

Now that you have a few facts told to you about vacuum cleaners, let’s take a look at the many advantages of having a vacuum cleaner at home.

17 advantages of having a vacuum cleaner at home

1. Vacuum cleaners are small

Less than half the size than most of their larger siblings, some models are small enough to fit right into your pocket too. The compact size of vacuum cleaners makes it very easy for the homemaker to carry them around, store them in a corner and to clean them too. This would be one of the biggest benefits of using a vacuum cleaner.

2. They are ideal for small homes and houses

Vacuum cleaners come in many shapes and sizes, and the small ones around are easy to store and maintain. They can be kept just about anywhere- a store room corner, the laundry room, in a dorm room too or under the bed. Since the size of the appliance is small, chances are that is can also reach the most hard to reach places to clean.

3. Vacuum cleaners are not heavy weighted

Most vacuum cleaners are models that do not weight heavy. While each make and model would have a certain weight as such, they are reasonably lightweight to carry around. This makes it very convenient for the homemaker to get her job of cleaning done quickly.

4. On the spot vacuuming now possible

Since they are lightweight and easy to tug along, you don’t have to worry about bringing out the broom and mop, each time you see a mess. Pull out the vacuum cleaner and get the spot cleaned in a jiffy, with just one machine in hand. One of the best uses of vacuum cleaner in homes across the nation.

5. Safe for everyone to use

From teens to senior citizens around at home, the risk of lugging a giant vacuum cleaner around shall no more be a cause of worry. No more struggling with a heavy and a bulky vacuum cleaner around the house, when a smaller and a compact version of the same is ready for use. And the chances of falling or tripping over with the appliance is a thing of the past.

6. Vacuum cleaners are very easy to use

It is no rocket science to use a vacuum cleaner, even your kids around at home can pitch in to help when the cleaning is being done. They are lightweight, small and very easy to operate, sans complications and too many buttons to press and operate.

7. They do not cause damage

Vacuum cleaners are not heavy enough to cause damage just in case they drop. This is why, even when you have kids around the house helping with the vacuuming, it is safe for them to do so. Even if they drop the vacuum cleaner, the damages would be nil. Moreover, the house gets cleaned and the kids learn their duties too.

8. Carry them around easily

Vacuum cleaners are easy to carry around because of their lightweight and compact size. There is a handle on each of them, for you to have a grip when cleaning up a mess or the house. The handle has a good grip to provide and to carry around the model while you work your way through. One of the best uses of vacuum cleaner in daily life, we say is to easily carry them around when need be.

9. Vacuum cleaners come in cordless forms

These days, there is no need for you to worry about tripping over wires when using vacuum cleaners. Most models come in cordless forms and the worry about getting caught up or tangled up in the long wires, would be a thing of the past.

10. They are great for quick cleanups

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, one of the most important benefits is that it can be great when you have to use it for spot cleaning or to take care of single messes in small areas. Instead of tugging out the mop and the broom now and then, a simple handy vacuum cleaner can do the job in no time.

11. They can handle all types of messes

There are vacuum cleaners that can clean up dry messes and there are those that clean wet messes too, and some that do both. You can choose accordingly which vacuum cleaner type would best suit your lifestyle and needs. Surely one of the best advantages of vacuum cleaner in points.

12. You can take it and go anywhere

Vacuum cleaners such as handheld ones are best to piggyback around with. They can be your travel mate if need be and can go anywhere with you. Cordless models are great for outdoor activities and needs, while the ones with cords could be used indoors.

13. Cordless vacuum cleaners clean up the dust and sand

If you are planning to hit the beach and enjoy the sun and sand, remember to carry along with you your cordless vacuum cleaner. Before you get back to the car, you can use your cordless vacuum cleaner to clean up the sand and the dust on your beach towels and sheets, your slippers and feet too.

14. Does not damage surfaces

Vacuum cleaners that are small and compact, or even the medium sized ones would help you clean out any surface that needs cleansing. This is done without any surface damage to the items around.

15. Various vacuum cleaners for various needs

Depending on the size of your house, your lifestyle and the cleaning needs, you can now choose the type of vacuum cleaner you wish to have around. A steam vacuum cleaner would be best to use for wooden surfaces and floors, while a traditional one which is compact can be used for other cleaning needs.

16. You don’t need to buy additional attachments

With handheld devices such as vacuum cleaners making life easy and cleaning up the space around well, to get to the nook and corners, each of the cleaners would come with a set of additional attachments. You don’t have to go looking around for them.

17. Vacuum cleaners are very powerful

Vacuum cleaners are small and lightweight by nature, but they are very powerful- don’t just go on the size. It varies from one brand to the next or one unit to the next, to know what potential the said vacuum cleaner would have. However, you would not be disappointed at all.

Here were the many benefits of vacuum cleaners that you should know about. Also remember, the average vacuum cleaner does get your cleaning job done faster, and you don’t have to break your back bending over to sweep and clean anymore.

Key steps on maintaining a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the best investments you can make to maintain your home’s cleanliness and hygiene. But to ensure that the vacuum cleaner works for a long span of time, here are a couple of very useful maintenance tips for you to try.

This should be done regularly

  1. You should change your vacuum cleaner bag once in a while
  2. You must check and see if the floorhead is clogged with debris or not, now and then, and
  3. The vacuum filter should be cleaned or changed regularly.

When you keep your vacuum cleaner in a good condition, you are assured that the service given by the machine is for long, and that there is value for money too. You can avoid expensive repairs when you indulge in regular inspection and care. Here are a couple of maintenance and cleaning measures that you should take. This is done in order to prevent the machine and its parts from wearing out prematurely.

Maintaining your vacuum cleaner

There are a couple of vacuum maintenance guidelines quite basic for you to use. This will help save you the time and energy on repairs that can take the world out of you.

  • Always treat the vacuum cord with utmost care- When using the machine, never ever pull the plug with the cord.
  • You must check the bag regularly- Keeping the bag full to the brim and then changing it is not advisable. Vacuum cleaners lose their suction power if the bags turn out to be more than half full.
  • Hoses can get blocked when larger items are sucked into it- If you want to test the hose, it is best to push something thin and long into it or through it, to check if something is stuck or lodged inside.
  • You should check the floorhead – This will tell you if there are blockages or not. The floorhead or the powerhead or the beater bar, is found at the hose’s base. It is this part which contacts the floor. Flip it upside down and look underneath for blockages and debris.
  • Unclip the floorhead once a week to clean out the debris- Removing the bottom plate from the floorhead, with a screwdriver or just unclipping it would do. Gently and carefully get the screws out if any and hold onto them, and then remove the brush roll at one end. Clean it and place it back, and the screw the lid again.
  • When cleaning the roll brush- Remember to gently pull out hair, threads, fluff and debris of any kind that have been wrapped around the roll. In some cases, you may need the help of small scissors to remove what is entwined inside.
  • You should check the vacuum belt- The vacuum belt is placed over the brush roll. This can be checked while the removal of the bottom plate is being done by placing your finger below the belt and checking its tautness. If there are sags and cracks or any wear which is visible, it may need replacement.
  • Once a year a new belt should be bought- This again would depend on the frequency of use of the vacuum cleaner. A belt would need replacement at least once a year.

Here’s how to clean the filter

A less efficient machine is because of a dirty filter, so you have to check the filters and if they are working properly on the hoover or not.

The filtering systems would be different for every make and model of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Some of them are washable, while others would need simple replacements. Hence, you should double check the model and its instructions and then go ahead.

Some vacuum cleaners also have various filters. Foam filters can be rinsed and cleaned, but ensure that they completely dry before they are placed back into the machine. Plastic filters on the other hand just need to be dusted. You should dust with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush.

Final words

Vacuum cleaners are super versatile by nature and they have plenty of attachments with them as well. This means, you can get into the narrowest of crevices and creeks at home to clean them all out. Even the couch cushions, blinds, and the car seats too can be cleaned with ease. Since it is small and lightweight, it can be carried around and taken where you wish to. The soft tips of the brushes do not cause any damage to the surface area of furnishings or the upholstery, and you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean from ceiling to floor, vents to crevices, shelves to stairs, ceiling fans to couches and more. The possibilities are endless.

17 Cool Benefits Of Vacuum Cleaner
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