The fact needs to be accepted that as the world is moving fast, nobody gets enough time to take proper care of their places, whether it’s their homes or cars.

Well, in these situations the thing that comes handy and useful is a vacuum cleaner. We all are aware that these are easy to use and helpful when it comes to cleaning the mess that’s been spread around the homes or cars. But the tough thing to decide is which is the best vacuum cleaner in India that you must go for! Don’t worry. For this, the article ahead is the best place as you can find the reviews for top vacuum cleaners here.

Before we get into best vacuum cleaners of 2018:

When it comes to taking care of our homes or cars, the first thing that strikes the mind is the cleanliness of the place. The mess that has been present needs to be cleared and for this, the easiest and the best thing to use is a vacuum cleaner. These gadgets can do the job in a effective manner and in the least time possible. This is one of the most important reason you must get it as many gadgets have grown because of this factor only.

When it comes to the most basic gadgets that any household needs for keeping the area clean and good, vacuum cleaners are always on the list. These do not only lessen the labor involved in the manual cleaning but with this, saves a good amount of time too. Well, there are some points that you need to consider too.

  •    Budget: It’s one of the important factors as there are many available options for various budgets. The products having less price are regarded to be perfect for the hard floor cleaning as they include some inbuilt features.
  •    Design: You will find different sizes and designs for the vacuum cleaners in the market. The earlier ones had the dust bag with them but the ones we see nowadays are bag less and more convenient. So, you must choose the one as per requirements.
  •    Brand: The brand is nothing new. Everyone prefers to choose the appliance that has a good market reputation and with it, has built trust among the customers.
  •    Easy to clean: The home appliances are for a regular user and that’s why it’s important to know regarding its maintenance. So, get the one that comes with the machine where the dust can be taken out of its body.

If you are among those, who want to buy a vacuum cleaner for home use or for a car, here are some suggestions you can choose from.

These are the 15 best vacuum cleaners in India 2018


  •    The vacuum cleaner comes from a brand like Eureka Forbes and it has got a modern and sophisticated design that adds to the aesthetics of the house.
  •    There is a tangle-free cable it has for the best and hassles free cleaning experience for a car.
  •    It has also got a 5-stage filtration process. For added use, there is a second small brush attachment too.
  •    The motor it has is of 1000 watt and powerful enough to remove all the dust swiftly. With this, it has also got a dust bag full indicator.
  •    This vacuum cleaner also comes with 4 attachments besides the one called dust bag.
  •    You can buy this vacuum cleaner online and it comes with a warranty of one year.

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  •    This vacuum cleaner has got some industrial look and is just amazing when it comes to working.
  •    The design that it has got is ergonomic which allows you to stand straight and clean easily. Which can be the perfect soulmate of you for home use.
  •    This one is lightweight and quite compact. So, when you must move it around while cleaning the room, it’s easy.
  •    With all this, the vacuum also comes with a large 15 liters’ storage capacity. It also uses German technology so that it could provide one of the best cleaning experiences.
  •    The motor is 1000 watt and it keeps the vacuum cleaner running and efficient in the job it is made for.

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3. PHILIPS FC8082/01

  •    Well, this brand is the must. It’s almost impossible to not talk about Philips if you are talking about home appliances.
  •    This modern looking vacuum cleaner is small enough to get it moved around easily. And yes, it is powerful enough too to clean the house in an efficient manner.
  •    This vacuum cleaner has got its suction rated at 180W.
  •    It has got a capacity of 1.5 liters. With this, it has also got three accessories included so that its functionality can be increased.
  •    It comes with a warranty of 2 years at a price that is affordable.

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  •    Well, there are certain times when you will not be needing a big full sized vacuum cleaner but a small one for keeping the dust away from your house’s small corners.
  •    This vacuum cleaner is handheld and has got a motor of powerful 800 W. It’s powerful enough to clean everything including carpet, sofa, bed, keyboard, sofa, mattress and what not.
  •    The vacuum cleaner has got a weight of just 1.9 KGS with a storage capacity of around 0.9 L. Well, if you ask me, it is just the right amount as you are going to clean small objects.
  •    It has four attachments that it brings along and with this, it becomes one of the most versatile one in the market.

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  •    If you are among those who want to be convenient with a handheld vacuum cleaner but has got the functionality of a full-sized vacuum cleaner, then this one is made just for you.
  •    This vacuum cleaner will come along with not less than 14 accessories to be exact. It is a massive number and makes to many things just once the attachment is changed.
  •    It has got a blowing function too with which it also has got an ability for inflating rafts and mattresses.
  •    The blowing feature that it has can also be used for cleaning the areas towards the outsides of the house.
  •    This vacuum cleaner is a bag less one and makes sure that it is clean from insides too.

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6. PANASONIC MC-DL201 (for car use)

  •    This company has a big name in the industry and the product is just amazing.
  •    This vacuum cleaner is another handheld one and it does all the normal functions and comes with a blower function too.
  •    The box of this product has got a vacuum cleaner itself with all the accessories.
  •    This one has also got a bag less design and the container is clear one so that you could see easily whether it requires some cleaning or not.
  •    It has got a powerful motor of 700 W and an extension wand with a floor nozzle and a 2-way nozzle. All the accessories have got good quality and are durable too.

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7. AMERICAN MICRONIC AMI-VC1-10Dx (for a home)

  •    This one is imported and is available for quite a low price in this market. It also offers great features as a large vacuum cleaner does.
  •    It has got a 1000-watt motor which ensures that not a single dirt particle remains anywhere in the surroundings where you are cleaning.
  •    This American Micronics vacuum cleaner comes along with a crevice nozzle and free upholstery.
  •    The company also offers a product warranty despite the importing of the product, so you can be assured.
  •    The dust bag it has got is reusable one and has a capacity of 2 liters of dust. With this, three attachments are what it comes along.

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  •    This company has got two of its products listed on this list and they both are great at the price for which these are retailing.
  •    This one is pretty like the one described earlier and comes with all the features that any normal vacuum cleaner comes with.
  •    As a part of the warranty, the company offers free pickup from home and delivery service for making the process of warranty smoother for their customers.
  •    This one has got a powerful motor of 1200 W which takes care of the cleanliness of the house.

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  •    This vacuum cleaner, like mentioned before, has got an industrial design which makes it a heavy-duty cleaner. It is better than any of the vacuum cleaners which are designed for the usage of home.
  •    The best part that this vacuum cleaner has got is that it can work on both the dry surface as well as the dry surface. This feature makes this vacuum cleaner a must buy as it is impossible for any conventional vacuum cleaner to do all this.
  •    It has also got a powerful motor of 1000 W that is provided in the vacuum cleaner for the efficient use and there is also a plastic storage space with a capacity of 17 liters.
  •    The vacuum cleaner has got the number of parts which can be easily attached to the nozzle for all types of cleaning. With this, it is designed with German technology.

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  •    The vacuum cleaners from the company Panasonic is the most powerful one in the list with a powerful motor of 1400 watts.
  •    With such a powerful motor, it has got a suction power that is rated at 400 watts. It is just more than enough for all the household needs.
  •    Well, there is another added feature to this vacuum cleaner and that is, the air dust catcher.
  •    With all the above-mentioned things, there is one option available and it is blower option. In case, you want some dirt to be blown away from the outer area of the house like lawn or garage, this feature is useful.
  •    This company is also giving a one year warranty on this product.

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  •    This is designed with the best class mechanism of filtration.
  •    It has got a powerful motor with a powerful motor of 1400 Watts. It also has a blower option with it.
  •    It has also got a unique indicator for ‘dust bag full’ present in it and has a twin parking position with an international design and styling.
  •    With a powerful motor, it has got a suction pressure of 2200 – 2450 mm.
  •    With a weight of 5.1 KGS, it comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

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  •    This vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor of 1150 watts. With such a powerful motor, it has got a suction pressure of 1800 mm, which removes the toughest dirt, and seeks and destroys some dreaded dust mites that cause allergy.
  •    This vacuum cleaner also has a blower option and extension tube.
  •    It has got the attachments with it too like crevice nozzle and flexible hose pipe, multi-purpose brush, carpet or floor brush, upholstery brush.
  •    With all these things, it has also got an auto cord winder.
  •    It comes with a one year warranty.

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  •    This vacuum cleaner has got a motor with high efficiency. With this, it has got a strong suction force so that the cleaning can be efficient too.
  •    It is also known as the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, becoming ma ideal choice for all the domestic usage.
  •    This vacuum cleaner comes with an auto power cord retractor so that the operation is hassle-free.
  •    With this, there is some equipment it comes with including metal telescopic tube, wide mouth brush, dust brush, crevice tool, and floor or carpet brush.
  •    It also has got a warranty for one year.

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  •    This product does not need any kind of installation.
  •    This vacuum cleaner is stylish and attractive with being a powerful and portable vacuum cleaner.
  •    It is lightweight with onboard storage for accessories and really compact making it easy for handling.
  •    There are some important features that it comes with and they are a dust bag full indicator and auto cord winder, suction control for variable airflow.
  •    It also has a comfortable operation like cord winder switch and easy to use foot operated power on and off.
  •    With a weight of 2.5 KGS, it comes along with one year warranty period.

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  •    It is a completely bugless vacuum cleaner but equipped with an easy empty dirt cup, allowing an easy emptying when you are done with cleaning.
  •    It has a powerful motor of 1500 watts and gives a cyclonic action that provides a powerful suction for thorough and deep cleaning.
  •    There are some features it comes with like dirt cup, foam filters, microparticle filter that will help you in cleaning delicate fabrics like drapery.
  •    It is of compact size and the filters are washable and reusable. With this, it comes with one year warranty.

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The world is growing so fast so does the technology. Everybody in this world tries to save their time and like to reach better output in lesser time. These vacuum cleaners can be your friend for your home and car. These are one of the suited, budget-friendly, technically advance cleaners that can help you reach the level of cleanliness of your place and car easily with less amount of time. Your daily life schedule will not be affected even your time will be saved as the technology used in these cleaners are way advance which can help you operate them easily with better output. So, if you have a busy schedule and think that your place and a car should be cleaned then choose any of them for fruitful cleanliness results and make your life much easier with this best vacuum cleaner in India.


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