10 Amazing Things That You Can Do With Your Smartphone

10 Amazing Things That You Can Do With Your Smartphone

It is an undeniable fact that from the moment we raise from the bed to the time we sleep again, people are so habituated to smartphones that they can’t even spend some time away from it. They became the most advanced gadget that ever has been invented. Apart from calling and texting there are a lot more things that can be done by a smartphone.

They are packed with a ton of features like rear and front cameras, big battery, big screen, IR blaster and a lot more. Usually people use their smartphones just to stay connected with the outer world on social media or calls. They just use them to book a cab or any other public transport tickets, online shopping or ordering food.

There are a lot more things that can be done with the smartphone that most of the people aren’t aware off. They are designed in such a way that the users can use them for a lot of purposes than they were meant to be. Keep on reading the article to know more about the uses of these smartphones.

Use Smartphone as Universal Remote

remote control

Most of the home appliances run on remote. Spending a fortune to buy separate remotes for each appliance is just waste of money. The smartphones can act as universal remote and control almost all the appliance with one click.

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Some smartphones present in the market are equipped with IR blaster that helps in controlling TV, Set top box, AC and many more appliances. But in case if the phone doesn’t have an IR blaster, then you have to spend some amount on buying a connecting device that connects the phone with the appliances.

There are so many apps available in the respective playstores of various operating systems that turn the smartphone into a remote. Just buy additional accessories like IR dongle and start using your universal remote.

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Use Smartphone as Wi-Fi Hotspot

wifi hotspot

This is the most amazing feature of the smartphone. With the arrival of Jio into the market, the prices of the data packs became so affordable. Mostly each and every person out there are using 4G smartphones and enjoying the high speed data.

The hotspot option that is available in the smartphones allows its users to share their data with the other device which don’t have internet connection. Usually Wi-Fi routers can help in providing internet connection to all the electronic gadgets that you own but when you are on the move the only thing that helps you in providing internet connection to various other gadgets is by hotspot only.

Most of the Indians are familiar with this term but people from America and other Western countries don’t have any idea about this hotspot.

Use Smartphone as Business and Identity Card Scanner

Identity Card Scanner

Usually people receive many business cards in their profession and just slip them here and there. Searching for them whenever it is necessary is really a hectic process.
There are many apps available in the playstore that helps in scanning the business cards. The information present in the scanned business cards will be stored to your phonebook as well as in the cloud.

The scanning of the cards is done with the phone camera only and there is no need any third party camera apps to scan them.

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The identity cards are very important and it is mandatory to carry them wherever you go. But there are some situations when you forgot your purse or lost your identity card, at those times the smartphones are big time savers. There are many apps that help you to scan and store your identity cards in the form of soft copies.

These type of apps are encouraged by the country’s governments and people can just show them instead of the identity cards. This is definitely one of the best feature provided by the identity cards.

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Use Smartphone as Health and Fitness Center

In this busy life people won’t even find time to go to a gym and not everyone can afford a personal trainer. One smartphone can become your personal trainer, help you to calculate all the calories that you have burnt doing the exercise and be your guide in maintaining your health.

There are many apps that provide the videos, pictures and illustrations to carry out specific exercises. There are some apps that help in tracking menstrual cycles which helps women a lot.

Use Smartphone as Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Digital transactions are slowly emerging in most of the parts of the world. With the advancement of technology people are about to stop using plastic cards and cash and go for digital transactions.

There are many apps that help in transactions of money online. Most of the giant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Hike are adapting these digital wallet options. Even Google has invented an app named Tez to manage these digital transactions. It can be stated that in near future this feature of smartphones will help in online money transactions.

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Augmented Reality Map on Windshield

If you are travelling late at night in fog or rain and need some guidance then the smartphone will always be at your rescue. 

There are many apps available in the playstore that will provide you with the augmented reality map which is enabled by GPS on your windshield. You can just follow those directions without any worries.

Handy Leveling Tool

You can find many apps available in playstores, that will help you as leveling tool. You can set the picture or that rack straight 100% accurately without need of any leveling machine.

Measurement of Distance, Height and Width


There are many apps that help in taking measurements when there is no tape in hand. These apps can practically help you in measuring anything just by using your phone’s camera lens. It is the easiest and best way to measure the distances, height and width of a product without any issues.

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Browsing based on images

Have you ever found a picture or painting interesting and want to know more about it but don’t know its name? Then no worries because the smartphones got you covered. You can just click the picture and search for it on specific apps.

For Android phones there is an app named Google Goggles that helps you in clicking the picture and searching for it. You can find the complete information of the product online with just one click.

Do some Math Problems

Every phone has a calculator. But they won’t work unless you enter complete equation and the calculators are not designed to solve complex problems. There are many apps that help users to solve problems by just clicking on them and uploading them in that particular website. This is one of the most helpful feature for math students in order to solve their problems.

The small thing present in your hand can literally create wonders and make your life more comfortable than that you have ever expected. You just need to understand its usage perfectly to use it to the core.

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10 Amazing Things That You Can Do With Your Smartphone
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